Red Bull ‘completely confident’ ahead of FIA F1 decision

The weekend at the Singapore Grand Prix was filled with speculation that two Formula One teams broke last year’s $145 million budget cap and could face penalties from the board of directors.

Confirmation of what actually happened will come on Wednesday, when the FIA ​​plans to issue teams that were under the cost cap last year with their certifications of compliance.

Any teams that break the limit will find, either in a minor or material way, that they are likely to go through a hearing where the penalties will be handed over.

The focus of potential rule violations has centered around Aston Martin and Red Bull, although both teams have been quite clear that they think they have done nothing wrong.

Red Bull found itself particularly in the firing line, with wild rumors suggesting it could have ended up with as much as $10m – and rivals Mercedes and Ferrari have demanded tough action and penalties from the FIA ​​for wrongdoing.

But despite what the main opposition was saying, Red Bull stays divorced because it sticks to its original presentation made in March – which sources suggested was already several million dollars short of the cap.

Asked by if he was nervous about Wednesday’s result, Red Bull boss Christian Horner said: “No, I mean, I’m pretty confident we’ll give up.

“She went through an operation. Went in March, in terms of [being] It is fully signed off by our auditors who are clearly one of the big three. And we think we’re comfortably inside the cap.

“So the FIA ​​is following up on their procedure. Hopefully, and perhaps this week, we will hear not only us, but all the teams, the outcome of that process.”

While Red Bull does not know what the FIA ​​will announce on Wednesday, it acknowledges that there is a huge responsibility on the governing body to ensure the strength of its investigations and responses.

“This is an entirely new set of highly complex regulations, which applies to companies with different structures, different formulas, and of course regulations,” he said.

There are always different interpretations of those regulations. So in the first year, it will be interesting to see how this is implemented.

“We have seen clarifications, even since applications were submitted, apply to the past year. So it will always be an evolution process.

“It’s a massive topic for the FIA ​​to have their arms around, especially when you look at the size of the teams in the pit lane, many of which belong to the larger conglomerates and organisations.”

Sergio Perez, Red Bull Racing RB18, Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing RB18

Sergio Perez, Red Bull Racing RB18, Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing RB18

Photography: Zach Moger / motorsports pictures

Seeing whether those recent clarifications about what items should and should not be included in the cost cap have meant that Red Bull is still below the limit, Horner replied, “It’s much less. With clarifications, we should be under…”

Horner was so upset about the signal other teams made about Red Bull over the weekend, that it even went so far as to They state that their comments were “defamatory”.

It was clear that if some of the notes were not withdrawn, Red Bull would consider legal action – a position that has not changed although there has been no response so far from other parties.

Horner added: “What I have said applies perfectly. We will consider all our options. It is absolutely unacceptable to make a claim that is completely baseless. And on what basis of science? Where does the information come from?”

“This is a secret communication between the team and the FIA. I have no idea any of our competitors have complied. So where does this information supposedly come from?”

He added, “But let’s continue the process. We were not informed that we violated the regulations. So let’s get to the end of the process and understand where we are.”

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