Powell Predictions: Georgia, Alabama exchange playoff points in college football playoffs as turmoil benefits Tennessee, Marshall

It’s been a bad week for the Sun Belt teams, especially if you’re in the top 10 in the college football rankings. Alabama She was fortunate that she did not play a single role, although she had to escape from a brave attempt Texas On the field goal at the last minute. Considering Crimson Tide played in that game, there’s a change on top of College Football Playoff’s expectations.

With no more dominant team than Georgia So far and Alabama hasn’t been so impressive during the first two weeks of the season, the Bulldogs have been elevated to number one with the tides sliding into third. Ohio StateThe one who also managed to avoid Jinx Sun Belt this week, was overthrown Arkansas Remains No. 2 in the CFP projection.

seed number 4 expected, OklahomaIt took a while to get started before you finally had an easy time with him Kent State. Those who are in a hurry will also keep their place. So, while the same four teams are still on the field, the semi-finals have been shaken.

College Football Interval

January 9

International Championship
Englewood, California.

Title game The winners of the semi-finals

December 31

peach bowl


(1) Georgia vs (4) Oklahoma

December 31

Fiesta Bowl
Glendale, Ariz.


(2) Ohio vs. (3) Alabama

The Sun Belt crushed the rest of the 6 New Year predictions starting from Notre Dame Who lost at home to Marshall, from 26 to 21, and I’m totally out of the new six. When the Irish Fighters aren’t part of the New Year’s Six, they become part of the ACC pot lineup. Notre Dame cannot be selected for a pot against a team that has at least two more wins, which is North Carolina It occupies a place in the Cheez-It Bowl rather than the Irish.

In this case, Notre Dame is more likely to choose its destination because every bowl the Irishman can get will want them. The best options are the Holiday Bowl in San Diego or the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, Florida. Since Notre Dame has already played in Southern California this season, the drop is the ND who chooses to play in the Gator Bowl against Arkansaswhich is arguably better than its potential opponents as well.

Meanwhile, Marshall is now expected to be the representative of the Group of Five in the New Year Six. The Thunder Flock may have to turn the table – and that won’t be easy. they have LouisianaAnd the Coastal Carolina And the Appalachian State On their schedule, but all of these games are at home.

Speaking of Appalachian State, mountaineers entered Kyle Field and won Texas A&M, 17-14. It came just one week after the Mountaineers scored 61 points in a losing bid at home North Carolina. Isn’t college football great? Tennessee He replaces Texas A&M as a prospective SEC (first team not in playoff) representative to the Sugar Bowl. Pennsylvania state He is now slotted as an opponent for Clemson in the orange bowl.

New Year’s Six Cup Games

January 2

Has risen
Pasadena, California.

Big Ten vs Buck 12

Michigan against. Utah

January 2

Arlington, Tx.

generally versus generally

USC opposite Marshall

December 31

New Orleans

SEC vs Big 12

Tennessee vs. Baylor

December 30



Clemson vs Pennsylvania

The Sun Belt was at the top of the group of five early on. The entire Group of Five achieved five victories over the main opposition in two weeks with the Sun Belt holding four of them. air forces win over Colorado Saturday is the fifth.

If the Sun Belt Champion qualifies for the New Year’s Six, it will be the first time this has happened. Conference USA also did not play a team in the New Year’s Six. Cincinnati She fell short of expectations this week to give Marshall the spot in the Cotton Bowl.

Don’t see your team? Check out the rest of Jerry’s Palm pot projections after week two.

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