People on the Move: PACE-RI Names Dr. Nikolopoulos Chief Marketing Officer, Cranston Names CFO

Monday 24 October 2022

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Photo: PACE-RI

Dr. Nikolopoulos Joins PACE-RI as Medical Director

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PACE-RI CEO, Joan Kwiatkowski, announced today that Dr. Nicholas Nikolopoulos, DO, has joined PACE-RI as Chief Medical Officer. A talented physician, business manager and leader, Nikolopoulos brings over a decade of experience as a practitioner to his new position. Join PACE-RI during a period of rapid growth. Last year, the nonprofit opened a new center and headquarters in East Providence and increased its population by 17 percent.

“Knowledge, elegance, and mission are three notable traits,” Kwiatkowski said. “Dr. Nikolopoulos also inspired us that he pursued a long-standing dream and entered medical school after a successful career spanning nearly 20 years in business. His unique combination of experiences and true joy in practicing geriatrics make him the right medical leader for PACE at this time.”

As a CMO, Nikolopoulos serves as a member of the PACE-RI Executive Management Team and is responsible for providing medical guidance and oversight for primary care and allied health services. Nikolopoulos oversees quality improvement through the development of protocols, education, and best practices.

Nikolopoulos previously worked as a physician at Oak Street Health, South Shore Medical Center, and Primacare. He received his degree in Osteopathic Medicine from the University of New England School of Osteopathic Medicine and completed his residency at Kent Hospital. Nikolopoulos is certified in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts and has served for six years on the Board of Directors of the Rhode Island Association of Orthopedic Physicians and Surgeons. He is a member of the Board of Directors and Vice-President of the Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox Church in Pawtucket.

Nikolopoulos resides in Pawtucket with his wife, Stacey.

Cranston appoints chief financial officer

Cranston Mayor Ken Hopkins has welcomed Thomas Zedelis as Cranston’s new chief financial officer, who begins his new duties on October 17.

“I am very pleased to welcome Tom Zedilis to City Hall as he joins my management team to work with us on the critical functions of CFO. Tom brings a wealth of experience to this position and will be invaluable as we move forward with our plans to maintain Cranston’s strong financial position,” he said. Hopkins.

Zidelis’ most recent public financial experience was in a long financial career in Worcester, Massachusetts. His tenure in Worcester spanned about thirty-two years in various positions such as treasurer, tax collector and finally financial manager. After retiring in 2020, Zedelis worked in municipal consulting before agreeing to join the Hopkins administration.

“Tom’s extensive experience will serve Cranston taxpayers very well in the city’s day-to-day financial management, but also aid in planning and succeeding in our future economic challenges.”

Tom Zedilis brings a deep understanding of public finance, brings a new approach and has worked with rating agencies on fiscal issues. Together we will keep Cranston on track with a sound, long-term financial plan.”

Hopkins noted that in the spring he undertook spending controls and the reorganization of city government which resulted in staff reductions and significant long-term savings. “I will work with Tom Zedellis on more budget strategies to enhance our financial health,” he stated.

“As we recover from the pandemic, we are facing challenging budget times and historical inflation that is affecting our city government just as much as Cranston’s taxpayers are,” Hopkins emphasized. “Tough choices and priority spending decisions will continue,” Hopkins said.

The mayor said the new CFO is joining an experienced team of department heads and dedicated employees who perform important functions such as assessment, tax collection, procurement, audit and cash management. “Tom will benefit from their institutional knowledge and day-to-day experience.”

The mayor has thanked City Comptroller Michael Egwe for his service as acting CFO since Robert Strom, the former CFO of Cranston, retired in April.

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Image: the people

Ellen Ford was inducted into the Cooperative Credit Union Hall of Fame

Elaine Ford, former CEO of People Credit Union, was recently inducted into the Cooperative Credit Union (CCUA) Hall of Fame. This honor was awarded to Ford as part of the Excellence Awards presentation during CCUA’s seventh annual APEX event at the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT, on October 13. According to the CCUA definition, “Excellence Awards honor people who make a difference through their personal embrace of the credit union system, its values, and principles — champions and “credit union legends” who have set examples for all to follow.”

Eileen Ford has worked for thirty-seven years at the People’s Credit Union, rising from junior cashier to president and CEO in her last seventeen years. Under Ford’s leadership, the popular credit union doubled in size and implemented significant technical improvements. Ford has also contributed to the local community and credit union through its volunteer work serving in:

• Board of Directors of the Robert Potter Animal Association

• Boston Federal Reserve Bank Community Depository Advisory Board

• RI Credit Union Board of Directors for 10 years as treasurer, vice president, and president

• Board of Directors of the Cooperative Credit and Credit Association – Member and Chairman

• Member of the Board of Trustees of the Rhode Island Credit Union Legislative Action Council

On behalf of everyone at the People’s Credit Union, I sincerely congratulate Eileen for her appreciation. “It’s totally well deserved and we’re so happy for her,” said Sean Daly, president and CEO of the People’s Credit Union. “We are so grateful to have Eileen here to lead the organization’s growth and impact on society for as long as she has done so,” Daly added.

“Ellen Ford is unique and people owe her an incredible debt of gratitude for all her service to the credit union and beyond,” said Dr. Christopher S. Otiano, MD, Chairman of the People’s Credit Union.

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