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FOXBOROUGH, Massachusetts. Quick thoughts and notes on the New England Patriots and the NFL:

1 – Tibet on Godon: outer back Matthew Goodon Score a sack in each of the first four matches of the 2022 season. Joins Pro Football Hall of Famer Andre Tibet As the only Patriots to start the season with this feat.

Tippett did it in 1986, and he’ll see it on Sunday as Godon—in uniform and helmets from Tippett’s playing days—try to become the first player in franchise history to score at least one sack in each of the top five. season matches.

“It brings excitement. I love watching him play,” said Tibbett before the Patriots game against the Detroit Lions (1pm EST, Fox).

“I’m like all the 60-70,000 fans in the building are watching it, you see those red sleeves [under his jersey]And soon he tries to get off the ball. I’m trying to get off the ball with him. Fast hands, slap, tear, speed, quick lunge. Throw a bull rush at this guy. I am there.”

Tibbett, who played from 1982 to 1993 and holds the franchise sack record (100), added that he appreciates how Godon (16.5 sacks in 21 New England games) is more than just a passing player. He also contributes against racing as well, something that Tibet was very proud of as a player.

As for Godon’s diverse arsenal of passing passes, Tippett particularly loves one move.

“He has this change of direction, and movement of the hump, where he’s moving up, and then coming back and sliding down with that rip, the loudest,” he said. “it’s a [lethal] is moving. If the intervention doesn’t move its feet and it can’t move with it, it will blast that medium, and that can be a spin.”

Tibbett, who is the executive director of community affairs for the Patriots, said his enjoyment of watching Godon is like when Chandler Jones (2012-15), among others, played for the franchise.

The two have called a few times, mostly when Godon was part of a societal look and Tibet might be there as well.

“He’s really quiet and very respectful,” Tibbett said. “I’ve watched him interact with people, and it’s really good to see him, because he understands that and knows the importance of making people feel good. Maybe we make a wish come true, we congratulate a survivor, any of those things; a guy like Godon is part of that and you watch their eyes light up.”

Goodon, for his part, said he enjoyed his limited interactions with Tippett, and learning more about his past success after his former Ravens teammate, Elvis DommervilleAdvise him to do so.

“It’s about the block. We talk a little bit. I know he was a great Patriot ever, and he has the most sacks here,” Godon said of Tibbett. “Find out the records that all the impulsive guys have, and try to break them,” Elvis told me. With him – as long as he is inside the defense and helps us with the main objective of trying to win games.”



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2. Rebound flavor: The Patriots will be in red throwback uniforms and white Patriots for Sunday’s game, which will arrive at Tippett’s home.

“I absolutely love seeing them. I think all teams have to have it, as they have to wear the retro outfit twice a year, to bring it back so people remember what it was like,” he said.

“I see Twitter, and people are reacting to it, how ‘old school’ it is this week. You see people asking things like, ‘Who’s the first player that reminds you of this?’ It’s awesome. It’s going to be a great Sunday to see the old Patriots shirts and watch about 56 seconds [Tippett’s old number] in the stands.”

3. LB regrets? In May, after the team surprisingly didn’t make a quarterback in the draft, Patriots players coach Jerrod Mayo told the “Bats from the Past” podcast that the team had some “unknown” players in the position that sparked enthusiasm. The team re-signed the 32-year-old full-back Jimmy Collins (to coaching staff) last Monday reflects the number of these “unknowns” who have not emerged as consistent front-line contributors – a collection that includes the 2021 draft picks Ronnie Perkins And the Cameron McGronAnd the veterans Rickon Macmillan And the Mac Wilson Sr.. The Patriots have given up 325 rushing yards over the past six quarters and playing shaky linebackers has been part of the problem.

4. Zappe Underdog: With Rising Midfielder Patriots Billy Zappy Preparing to start his first NFL career, a reminder that he only received one Division I scholarship offer from Victoria (Texas) High School in 2017. He put himself on the NFL’s radar after playing for the Houston Baptist and then Western Kentucky, Before landing in the Senior Bowl, where he’s been coached by the Lions’ crew… the team he’ll face on Sunday.

5. Henry’s stats: tight end Hunter Henry He has five catches for 41 yards over four games. Last season, he had 14 receptions for 141 yards and two touchdowns in four games. his thoughts? “That’s what it is, man. In our position, we’ve been asked to do a lot of different things. In the past few weeks, we’ve been asked to do a lot in running and blocking,” he said.

6. Support Jack: ascending angle Jack Jones He showed confidence after losing last week to the Packers – when he got a 40-yard interception Aaron Rodgers For relegation – he says he feels disrespected when a quarterback throws a path “outside” in his direction. “I laughed. That’s what it’s like to be young, energetic, and confident,” Captain Devin McCurty He said, before adding, “He just has to make sure he’s not giving up anything ‘out’ now.”

7. Load management: Can less be more? We’ll find out, based on how the Patriots responded against the Lions on Sunday, as this was a week to highlight how sports science influenced coach Bill Belichick’s decision-making. The Patriots didn’t have a full podium workout before Sunday’s game, which was a break from the norm. On top of that, Belichick lightened the load by moving Wednesday’s training indoors and making it more of a run – a big decision based on playing full overtime in last Sunday’s loss to Green Bay, which came after a physical loss to the Ravens.

8. Thornton Effect: The Patriots didn’t waste any time activating the junior future Tekwan Thornton – The fast receiver from Baylor, who was drafted in the second round – to the active list from the injured reserve. This was the closest possible time to get Thornton back, so he will be active on Sunday against the Lions. Now the interesting question is which skill player might be inactive as a result. Patriots can give Jacoby Myers (Knee) Another week although he feels close to coming back. If not, other considerations based on the depth chart will return Pierre Strong Jr.. And the. receptors Lil Jordan Humphrey And the Kendrick Burne.

9. Return of the Crusaders: When Belichick arrived for his press conference on Wednesday and began dissecting the lions, he noticed a return Calif Raymond. “Crusader,” said Belichick. “Love the Crusaders.” It was a nod to Raymond’s college career at Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, as Amanda was Belichick’s daughter in her seventh season as a women’s lacrosse coach.

10. Did you know? The Patriots have allowed five touchdowns on tight ends this season, the highest total in the NFL.

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