Not all of Brown’s Panthers QB Baker Mayfield teammates turned on him last season: Browns Insider

CHARLOTTE, NC – Although it may seem that most of Baker Mayfield’s teammates jumped on his back last season after the epic Odell Beckham Jr. Mayfield is out at the end of the season, however, that is not the case.

Several of his offensive teammates remained in his corner, including Nick Chubb, Wyatt Teller, Karim Hunt and Joel Bittonio. The relationship between Mayfield and Jarvis Landry became somewhat complicated due to Landry’s fierce loyalty to Beckham, but several of the attacking men, who developed close ties with Mayfield, and who became significant others close to Emily Mayfield, remained in his corner and were. supports.

That’s why you saw Mayfield playfully trolling Chubb during his press conference on Wednesday, calling him a mime because he didn’t say much.

In Sunday’s pre-game, Mayfield exchanged a hug with offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt, quarterback coach Stamp Mitchell, special teams coordinator Mike Prever, receiver Donovan Peoples-Jones and quarterback Jacobi Brissett.

Myles Garrett, who said he would be open to a post-game handshake with Mayfield if she showed up, told last week that His relationship with QB was ‘a bit complicated’ And that he refused to respond to Mayfield’s sweet farewell letter to him.

Some of his former teammates, including safety Jon Johnson III, didn’t like that Mayfield pulled himself out at the end of the season against the Bengals when he played the entire season with a complete tear in his left undead shoulder.

Part of the problem was Mayfield’s announcement after the loss in Pittsburgh, that he had been sacked nine times and had five assists, that he would consult with his agent and make a decision on whether or not to play. Meanwhile, Johnson, who has missed the previous two games due to injuries, and others played in that meaningless match to end with their teammates in a show of solidarity.

It was a mixed bag, sure, but Mayfield wasn’t universally hated.

It’s true that Mayfield is angry at Kevin Stefansky for skipping an abusive meeting

A league source said Mayfield was upset with Stefansky for his absence from the attacking encounter the day after the Browns lost 45-7 to the Patriots.

Stefansky used that time to meet Miles Jarrett, who called up defensive coordinator Joe Woods for his New England game plan.

However, a source said it was not true that Stefansky unduly singled out Mayfield for deficiencies in the film review afterward. Stefansky treated Mayfield the way he treated every other player in team meetings, highlighting the good and the bad.

As for the communication issues between Stefansky and Mayfield

Mayfield didn’t like having Stefansky’s “chain” on him last season, as evidenced by the “off-the-leash” shirts he’s been selling this week. But a source said that regarding the lack of communication with the coach, it is a mistake.

Stefanski constantly solicited input from his attacking players – especially his midfield players – and took into account what they liked and what they didn’t like in his game plan. If Mayfield wanted things to be different, he would have to be more upfront about it.

Instead, Mayfield chose to publicly criticize Stefansky twice after games: once after a narrow victory over the Ravens for being too conservative, and once after a loss in Pittsburgh for not providing James Hudson III with intermittent assistance against the NFL Final Defender. year TJ Watt.

Watt had four sacks in that game on his way to tying Michael Strahan’s one-season record of 22.5.

By then, Mayfield was well aware that calling the coach public was against team policy.

Mayfield had a lot in 2021

In addition to a completely torn left wing and having to play with a heavy belt most of the season, Mayfield had plenty of other things on his plate. His shoulder seemed to bore him mentally as much as he physically, and it was left wondering which of his teammates was with him and which were against him. A source said he was dealing with some stressful issues with his family and his entourage.

All of that, plus the belief that Stefansky wasn’t using it properly, was a recipe for disaster.

When he talks about playing more freely this season, there are a lot of layers to that.

Deshaun Watson’s plans

Watson was training in Houston and Cleveland during the first part of his 11-game suspension, which began on August 30. For the next six weeks or so, he’ll be mostly in Cleveland with quarterback coach Quincy Avery. -Site.

Watson will be allowed back into the Browns facility for team meetings and weight training on October 10, and he can begin training fully with the team on November 14. If he meets the terms and conditions of his treatment program, he will be replayed November 28 for the December 4 game in Houston against his former team.

Grady Williams injured

The defensive back injured his hamstring this week while participating in a special teams workout, and at first it wasn’t that bad. But checks revealed that it was a 4-5 week injury, and he was placed in an injured reserve position, where he must stay for at least four matches.

The silver lining is that third-round pick Martin Emerson Jr. was solid and made a compelling case for winning the third corner job.

Emerson will be out against Denzel Ward today when the Browns are in sub-defenses, with Greg Newsome II in the slot. But all brown corners and some cabinetry will be a nickel back sometimes.

Christian McCaffrey is circled in red when attacking

Mission No. 1 for the Browns, even more so than Mayfield, is McCaffrey, the double threat of the Panthers’ return. In fact, McCaffrey is as much a slot receiver as he is a racer.

It will put enormous pressure on Brown’s defense, and players like linebacker Jeremiah Osu-Koramoah will have to be on their guard. Also looming will Safeties Grant Delpit and Johnson contain McCaffrey, who is arguably the most dynamic player on the field today.

The Browns’ two-headed Chubb and Hunt are on par with McCaffrey in terms of skill set, but he is unique and would be a burden today, especially with the Panthers wanting to take the pressure off Mayfield.

Big day for sophomore James Hudson IIII

Hudson, who will start from right tackle in place of Jack Conklin (knee), will have his hands full today. The Panthers have one of the most aggressive defenses and an offensive mentality in the NFL — led by defensive end Brian Burns — and they’ll be trying to go after their sophomore year pro. It’s better if Hudson has come a long way since that loss in Pittsburgh last year. Brown will have a lot of help for Hudson today.

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