NBA Season Preview: Best and Worst Warriors Scenarios

else Golden State Warriors The season is upon us and with it another quest for the NBA Championship. If the Warriors win one, they’ll have had five in the past nine years, and it would add to their argument as one of the most dominant dynasties in NBA history.

Personally, I support that.

But is this possible? Is it possible? and, most importantly, Will it happen?

Only one way to find the exit. In the meantime, here are the best and worst case scenarios for Dubs.

Last season’s record: 53-29

Last season’s standings: 3rd place in the Western Conference

Offensive rating for last season: 113.3 (17)

Defensive classification for the last season: 107.7 (first)

Menu extras: Donte DiVincenzo, JaMychal Green, Ryan Rollins, Patrick Baldwin Jr

List losses: Nemanja Bellica, Chris Chiusa, Damion Lee, Gary Payton II, Otto Porter Jr., Juan Toscano Anderson, Quandari Witherspoon

What is a “best case” scenario?

Does this question really need an answer? We saw that last year. The best case scenario is the same as it was in the better part of the last decade. That includes raising a trophy in June, and grinning while raising a banner in front of a teary-eyed opponent next October.

There are a lot of ways this can happen. It might be a repeat of last year, when Andrew Wiggins took home the All-Star award, Jordan Paul emerged as a star, Draymond Green returned to “world’s best defensive player” status, Klay Thompson returned to the field, and Steve Curry reminded everyone he’s arguably the best player on the planet. Alive, Kevin Looney was invincible, and off the bench did a serious job.

But in all likelihood, running back to the top of the mountain will look at least a little different. Perhaps Paul is taking another leap from emerging star to franchise player. Perhaps Wiggins is building on his career year. Thompson’s return to All Star status, rather than the version we saw at the end of last year, is something we should expect. James Wiseman may emerge as a dominant threat to capture warriors to give warriors a second look. One of Moses Moody and Jonathan Cominga might take the leap in the second year. Hell, maybe Greene remembers how to shoot.

What is the worst case scenario for your team this season?

Unfortunately, this question does not need an answer either because, unfortunately, we also saw this question recently. With only a few years left of Thompson missing for an entire year, Curry playing only five games, and Green playing half a season that he – by his own admission – mailed. The result was disgusting.

There may be setbacks this year – 2021-22 Wiggins may be an exception, Greene’s defense may finally falter, Thompson may not get his fill – but it’s hard to imagine a scenario where everyone plays and doesn’t work out. . Even assuming some regression, the healthy Warriors team is the title contender. But Carey will be 35 years old and has an intermittent injury history. Green will turn 33 this year and has an intermittent injury history. Thompson turns 33 this year and has already suffered his two worst basketball injuries.

The worst-case scenario involves these guys getting infected again. Which means perhaps the phrasing of Victor Wimpanyama, who lays out a single best observed case scenario for 2023-24.

What is the ‘most likely’ scenario for your team this season?

Pretty much exactly what we saw last year. A team that bounces in the regular season between dominance, boredom, and injury or rest-induced breakdown. A team that doesn’t compete for the highest record in the conference because they have bigger fish to fry. The team entering the post-season with as good a chance as any team to win it all, is on a quest to make Curry, Greene, Thompson, and Andre Iguodala just the second quartet in NBA history to pull five episodes together.

What are you most excited about this season?

I really want to say the growth of young players. Modi has looked great in pre-season, and Steve Kerr has put a lot of public confidence in Kuminga. Wiseman is one of the most must-watch players in the entire NBA, because we don’t know if he’ll become a dominant scorer or a liability the Warriors will be looking to get off their contract next season. Rookies Patrick Baldwin Jr. and Ryan Rollins are already starting to get noticed.

But actually I’m really excited to see the kernel again. Maybe for the last time.

The playoffs were special last year not only because the Warriors won a championship, but because we finally saw the Hall of Fame trilogy of Curry, Thompson and Green together. They haven’t played a minute together in 2019-20. They haven’t played a single minute together in 2020-21. They only played 11 minutes together during the 2021-22 regular season.

These three have been a staple of our sports fan base over the past decade, but we haven’t seen them play together consistently in three and a half years. And with Greene’s last case, who punched Paulin addition to his impending free agency (and the unsustainable financial situation of the Warriors), there are reasons to believe that this is the last resort.

Make no mistake: This is the best basketball era Warriors will ever have, and the best long-running trio of Dubs you’ll ever see. If this is her last year, I’ll be sad…but excited to watch every minute of it.

Expected record: 55-27

Expected place of the conference: Third place in the West (and conference champions [and NBA champions])

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