MNA-UMPNC ‘Highlights’ Sale Agreement with Michigan Medicine

The Michigan Nurses Association (MNA) and the University of Michigan Professional Nurses Council (UMPNC), its affiliate, announced a tentative agreement with Michigan Medicine, the health care system operated by the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, on Thursday.

In a series of tweets, MNA-UMPNC hailed the initial agreement as a “big win” and a contract that “supports and respects nurses” but said nothing of what was in it. In a press release on the same day, MNA claimed that the initial contract included “the termination of mandatory overtime,” an “improved mechanism for enforcing contractual workload ratios” and “competitive pay.”

The “highlights” of the union’s agreement, which was later shared with the WSWS Health Care Workers Newsletter, make it clear that it is nothing of the sort. Just like the recent agreement brokered by the Biden administration reached by rail unions to prevent a national rail strike, the MNA-UMPNC deal with Michigan Medicine is an attempt to keep nurses in business and sabotage their fight.

The so-called “big win” actually includes:

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