MLB Division Saturday Series – Highlights, Results, Takeaway

Eight teams started Saturday in 2022 Postseason. After today’s league series matches, that number has shrunk dramatically.

The Philadelphia Phillies eliminated the Atlanta Braves with an 8-3 National League Division Series 4 victory at Philly’s Citizens Bank Park.

The Seattle Mariners played their first home playoff game in more than 20 years, but they couldn’t avoid sweeping the Houston Astros. The San Diego Padres knocked out the Los Angeles Dodgers, who had 111 wins, with a 5-3 win in Game Four.

The MLS series game was split between the New York Yankees and the Cleveland Guardians after the first two games in the Bronx. But the goalkeeper pushed the 99-win Yankees to the brink of elimination with a home-and-away win in Game 3.

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Los Angeles Dodgers at San Diego Padres

Padres won the series 3-1


The Padres family killed the “Dragon on the Highway,” to quote their owner Peter Seidler. They’ve won three straight NLDS games to get rid of the star-studded Dodgers that have dominated them throughout the regular season, and they seem to be operating on a completely different level at this juncture. They start off strong to great at the start and play a stellar defense behind him. The rear end of their bull dominates. And they combine hits just in time, no more than the seventh of five runs that produced an epic comeback on Saturday night.

Perhaps just as importantly, they play with a high level of confidence. Eliminating the Mets and the Dodgers, the two teams who combined to win 212 games during the regular season, would do just that. Now they will have a home advantage in the NLCS showdown against the similarly hot Phillies. And given the energy at Petco Park over the past two nights, this could be a major lift. – Alden Gonzalez

San Diego’s first lead in the game

Padres tied things up

Dodgers attack first

Some pre-match news

Guardians leads the 2-1 . series

It may seem impossible to win without being hit by the big attack in the post-season, but don’t tell your brave guardians about it. The Yankees hit three hurdles, including a 449-foot moon shot by a stuttering slug. Aaron Judge. But the Guardians kept cheating on the pitches and flying little lines to the opposite court — and before you know it, that added to some real insults. The Yankees tried to shut it down with a mix of Andy Peralta And the Clark Schmidtbut Cleveland kept swinging and repeating until the rules were uploaded to the recurring post-season champion Oscar Gonzalez, who curled coolly through the middle, scored two runs to claim a home-and-away win in the ninth inning as the bluffing crowd at Progressive Field sent the runway trembling. It turns out that a slingshot can actually get you done in October, and when that happens, it’s a lot of fun to watch. – Bradford Doolittle

Cleveland walks by

The leadership of short-lived guardians

Yankees add to the lead

All the height… at last

Aaron JudgeHis first postseason success is Homer related to the game. Before that, the judge was 0-9, with eight hits in this postseason. According to ESPN Stats & Information, it was the judge’s twelfth post-season race at home, which broke the tie with Bernie Williams for third by Yankee during his lifetime-30 season. Judge only tracks Mickey Mantle (14 times in 54 games) and Derek Jeter (14 hours in 110 games).

Guardians hits first (second)

Cleveland is ready to rock

The Astros win the set 3-0


The game that felt like it might never end, finally came to an end, at 7:31pm local time – 6 hours, 22 minutes after it started, 18 runs deep, because of one bad pitch.

Jeremy Pena The Houston Astros’ rookie rookie hits a suspended slider from the Seattle Mariners’ rookie team Ben Murphy into midfield, breaking the longest goalless draw in play-off history and leading the Astros to a 1-0 victory.

In a game that had as many bowlers as (18), with a post-season record 42, no fouls and incredibly clean baseball, the Astros advanced to their sixth consecutive championship series, sweeping their class rivals out and once again showing whether So it is. A runner or a duel shooter, they are equipped like any team to win. – Jeff Bassan

Houston completes the sweep

Astros (finally) get on the board first

Still scoreless in Seattle

Wait, what just happened?

salute to the king


Velez won the set 3-1


Once again, Major League Baseball won’t have a repeat World Series champion after the brave Phillies bounced back from post-season with a resounding 8-3 win in Game 4 of the NLDS.

Just as they did in all three of their victories on the series, the Phillies jumped into the early lead that had Atlanta playing in the chase pretty much right from the start. And for the second day in a row, it was a party from start to finish at the bustling Citizens Bank Park.

Instead of the in-house celebration providing the signature moment as it did in Game 3, Saturday’s highlight was spring around the rules. in the third half, JT Realmoto He became the first catcher in post-season history to hit the ground running in the park, one after that Brandon March The crowd ignited with a three-stroke explosion.

Two things are clear no matter who Philly faces in the NLCS: This team that found new life earlier in the season when coach Rob Thomson took over won’t come easy on anyone; And when the Phillies take the field home in the NLCS for the first time since 2010 on Friday, it will be a great spectacle in Philadelphia. – Jesse Rogers

Bryce adds the exclamation point

Phyllis piling

According to ESPN Stats & Information, this is the first home inside the park that Musk has run in the post-season and the first time any Phillies player has done so in the playoffs.

The brave get back

Phillies hits a big first kick

Dawn Staley is turbulent

The Philadelphia native knows little about winning when it counts.

Do you slip nervous?


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