Megyn Kelly says it’s too late to save CNN

Megyn Kelly said there was no compensation for CNN News challenging the credit rating because the network “already told half the country they hate it”.

“[In] On Friday’s podcast, Kelly said, “The Megan Kelly Show”, Which streams directly to SiriusXM.

Kelly told CNN commentator Mary Catherine Hamm, who recently claimed it was “hanging quietly” By the network for being criticized for Her dealings with the epic Jeffrey Tobinand that she was often watching CNN to prepare for hosting assignments at her network at the time, Fox News, when she presented the nightly show “The Kelly File.”

But she said the network “turned around” around that time and became very partisan.

“They’re trying to turn things around right now,” Kelly told Hamm. “People ask me all the time: Do you think CNN can be saved? Now they have new management and new ownership. [and] I think there’s a new commitment to trying to win back some Republican viewers.”

“Personally, I think it’s too late,” Kelly added. “They have already told half the country that they hate them.”

The Post has requested comment from CNN.

Hamm recalled that CNN was “fun” when she first arrived as a network commentator in 2016.

“It was a good time,” Hamm said of her initial experience at the network. “It felt like we were offering all the possible shots, including [those from] Conservatives critical of Trump, whom I have been more supportive of, and conservatives who are pro-Trump.”

“We were fighting a good fight,” Hamm recalls, adding Network President at the time, Jeff Zucker “She was giving billions of dollars in free airtime to Donald Trump.”

But after Trump won the 2016 presidential election, Zucker decided that “now we have to be a part of making it right,” Hamm said.

Kelly told Hamm on Friday that CNN did it
Kelly told Hamm on Friday that CNN “told half the country they hate them.”
Megyn Kelly

Hamm said that the network’s “new people” are “trying to bring in people who understand this other part of the country that not many people connect with live in the national news media.”

CNN has been in flux since last year, when it fired primetime star Chris Cuomo after learning he helped his brother, then-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, craft a communications strategy in the face of sexual harassment allegations.

Months after Cuomo’s dismissal, his boss at the time, Zucker, resigned, after learning that he was having a consensual relationship with his subordinate, Chief Marketing Officer Alison Golast.

Hamm claimed it was
Hamm claimed she was “quietly hung” by CNN for criticizing the network’s handling of the Jeffrey Tobin saga.
Megyn Kelly

One of Zucker’s pet projects, Live broadcasting service CNN +closed Less than a month after its releaseOne of the most important cost-cutting decisions Made by the network’s new parent company, Discover Warner Bros.

Zucker’s successor, Chris Licht, He made several notable changes in an effort to boost ratings and change the perception that the network is a tool for the left.

The Network launched Brian Steltermedia reporter and Former host of “Trusted Sources” who has been a frequent target of right-leaning critics who accused him of being too biased.

CNN has struggled in the ratings - consistently falling behind competitors such as Fox News and MSNBC.
CNN has struggled in the ratings – consistently falling behind competitors such as Fox News and MSNBC.

CNN has adjusted its lineup lineup, Don Lemon comes out of his two-hour night shift And the Transferred to the morning with White House reporter Caitlan Collins and broadcaster Bobby Harlow.

Cuomo’s place is filled by Jake Tapper while Alisyn Camerota and Laura Coates perform hour-long shows to fill the void left by Lemon.

Despite the changes, CNN continues to fall behind in the ratings race Behind Fox News which took first place and MSNBC owned by Comcast.

Fox News is a subsidiary of Fox Corporation, the founding sister of The Post’s parent company, News Corp.

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