Matt DeBendetto wins the NASCAR truck race in Talladega

Tladega, Alaa – Denny Hamlin He cites “bad driving” from NASCAR to create a car he says needs redesigning after two drivers suffered concussion-like symptoms in crashes this year.

Hamlin and Kevin Harvick was more candid About car safety this year. Chase Elliot On Saturday he spoke of how “disappointed” he was “because we put ourselves in the square we are in”.

Hamlin said other drivers should join them in listening to them.

“I know a lot of young people are just happy to be here, but they won’t be happy when their brains scramble for the rest of their lives,” Hamlin said Saturday at the Talladega Superspeedway.

NASCAR did not provide a response to Hamlin’s comments until Saturday afternoon.

Drivers’ frustration with the next generation car continues to grow Alex Bowman becomes the second driver to miss at least a race due to concussion-like symptoms.

Bowman crashed last weekend at Texas Motor Speedway and had a headache and other symptoms of a concussion earlier this week, according to Hendrik Motorsports president Jeff Andrews.

Bowman went to a doctor on Thursday and the team announced that Bowman would not be racing on Sunday. He did not announce a timetable for his return. Noah Gregson He will be driving Bowman’s car on Sunday.

Kurt Buschwho drives a Hamlin 23XI Racing car, is still out with a head injury he sustained after his crash on July 23 at Pocono Raceway. Bosch said this week that he is “optimistic” about racing this season.

Hamlin unleashed a torrent of criticism on Saturday about the car and chain officials over an issue he said drivers raised more than a year ago.

Asked how the Sport got to this point with the car, Hamlin said: “Bad driving.”

Asked how to avoid the same thing happening, Hamlin said: “New leadership.”

As for changes to be made in NASCAR’s leadership, Hamlin said, “I don’t know. You can start at the top and work your way down.”

NASCAR has a crash test scheduled next week on the car’s rear section and bumper. This is an improvement that can be made to the car for next season. The complaint about the car is how stiff the rear is and how much more aggressive rear impacts have felt for drivers this season. The crash test is the first since the full car crash test last December.

For Hamlin, the rear is just the start of what needs to be done to the car.

“The car needs a redesign,” Hamlin said. “It needs a complete redesign. It can still be called the next generation, but it needs to be redesigned.

“It needs a redesign everywhere. Front, center, rear, competition, everything needs a redesign. We have a tough Martinsville race coming up. It’s going to be tough. That thing is going to be revealed about how bad his races are. That’s just part of it. Competition and safety.” We would like everything to be better, but we definitely took a step back in terms of safety and competition this year.”

Hamlin also knows it’s too late for a redesign for next year.

“If you run this and say, ‘Okay, we’ll have a new car,'” Hamlin said, “we’d have already finished testing by now for next year’s car.” “We haven’t even started. We are just too late. This sport is all behind us.”

But Hamlin said it was “possible” for NASCAR to redesign the car.

“It’s just (that) NASCAR has to admit it’s incapable and allow the teams to do that,” he said.

This is not possible. NASCAR has a contract with each part’s suppliers and these deals, while they can be broken under certain conditions, are multi-year deals.

Hamlin said drivers raised concerns about the car last year. There were concerns about the car and how hard it was to feel the effect afterwards William ByronThe plane crash on the Auto Club Speedway test in March 2020.

“Actually, as drivers, we didn’t do the docu series last year because we didn’t feel comfortable with this next-generation car and the lack of safety testing that was done before they even started announcing they were going to drive up red flags over a year ago,” Hamlin said. And they didn’t reply. They kept pushing this car should be on the right track at any cost. At any cost.”

In an interview last month, John Probst, NASCAR’s senior vice president of Racing Innovation, told NBC Sports that he feels one misunderstanding with the car is the collaboration between NASCAR, teams and manufacturers.

“I think sometimes when you read driver quotes and team comments, crew chiefs are posting things on Twitter, it creates a sense that NASCAR versus them versus the world,” Probst said.

“Really, it’s not like that. I hope people can see how well we work with the engineers on these teams, sorting out the issues.

“I feel like we’re working alongside them, but a lot of times when it comes to the public eye, for whatever reason, or if it’s in the heat of the moment, it comes out as if NASCAR is making do this,” or “That’s the dumbest thing on launch, “but I think, in fact, that’s a far cry from the truth.”

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