Majestic beat Bristol in Championship 4 Truck Series

Ty Majeske played down his latest role on Thursday night’s UNOH 200 show presented by Ohio Logistics at Bristol Motor Speedway as “just another reboot”.

Indeed, this was the most important moment so far in Majeske’s challenging career.

Away from Zane Smith after restarting with 12 laps remaining in Round 8 of the Playoff Race for the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, Majeski scored the first NASCAR National Series win of his career and took the first berth on the November 4 Championship Final 4 at Phoenix Raceway.

“good job! Thank you!” Majeski radioed to Crew Chief Joe Cher Jr. as he crossed the finish line. “Let’s shine this kid, and let’s take this thing to Phoenix.”

To maintain the #66 ThorSport Racing Toyota race car that carried him to victory, the short-track champion avoided the usual fatigue along the front, prompting some gentle boos from fans in the stands.

But nothing can dampen Majesky’s mood.

“Man, this is incredible,” said the 28-year-old from Seymour, Wisconsin. “I’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this… We brought guns blazing for this race, and we took our best truck. Joe was aggressive in pit strategy — he got us up front, and we got it done.

“This is so cool. My career has been so choppy… This is so cool – I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.”

Smith started from the back of the field due to service issues that prevented him from qualifying. But after the first warning of Josh Riom’s crash on lap 37, Smith finished the race without returning to pit road.

The strategy put Smith in the lead for 39 laps, but Majeski had the superior truck and the winning pass during the restart on lap 156. He kept Smith away in two late restarts to claim victory.

“Good save for the night,” said Smith, who crossed the finish line 1.152 seconds behind the race winner. “I tried to match 66 (on reboot). I did it the first time, but the second time, he got me. He was in the end better than us. Still, the kind of night that never gives up. That’s what it takes to get to all four. Last “.

Non-racing driver Parker Kligerman finished third, followed by Grant Infinger, who fell below the cut-off line for Championship 4 with two races remaining in the eighth round. Matt Crafton came in fifth, followed by title winner Derek Krause in the Battle of Guerre. -Playoff drivers.

Chandler Smith drove 89 laps in the race and won the first two stages but had to dig for tires and fuel after the second stage and lost track. He finished ninth behind fellow playoff drivers Stewart Friesen and Christian Ecke.

Chandler Smith heads into the second round of Race 8, Oct. 1 at the Talladega Superspeedway, 24 points above the cut-off line.

Playoff driver John Hunter Nemeshek slammed into the outer wall during practice earlier in the day and started from behind in a spare truck. He finished twelfth place.

Ryom, who weaved sideways in a Chevrolet Raja Karuth slide on lJohn John ap 37, got out of his truck after a driver-side collision, but was taken to a local hospital for further evaluation.


1. (6) Ty Majestic (P) Toyota 200.
2. (35) Zane Smith (P), Ford, 200.
3. (28) Parker Kligerman Toyota 200.
4. (4) Grant Infinger (P) Chevrolet 200.
5. (16) Matt Crafton Toyota 200.
6. (1) Derek Krause, Chevrolet, 200.
7. (3) Stuart Friesen (P) Toyota 200.
9. (2) تشاندلر سميث (ف) تويوتا 200.
10. (5) كوري هايم # (P) تويوتا 200.
11. (12) تايلر أنكروم تويوتا 200.
12. (36) جون هانتر نيمشيك (P) تويوتا 200.
13. (27) كادن هانيكوت تويوتا 200.
14. (18) هيلي ديجان ، فورد ، 200.
15. (8) بايلي كوري (i) شيفروليه 200.
16. (17) تايلور جراي (ف) ، فورد ، 200.
17. (26) تانر جراي ، فورد ، 200.
18. (11) بن رودس (أرض) تويوتا 200.
19. (10) كارسون هوسيفار ، شيفروليه ، 200.
20. (32) أوستن واين سيلف ، شيفروليه ، 200.
21. (20) جاك وود # ، شيفروليه ، 200.
22. (15) جيك جارسيا شيفروليه 200.
23. (23) لوليس آلان # شيفروليه 200.
24. (19) كولبي هوارد شيفروليه 200.
25. (25) جيسي ليتل شيفروليه 200.
26. (29) تيمي هيل تويوتا 200.
27. (9) مات ديبينديتو من شيفروليه 199.
28. (22) بلين بيركنز # شيفروليه 197.
29. (31) ليلاند هانيمان جونيور شيفروليه 195.
30. (24) تشيس بوردي تويوتا ، 193.
31. (21) كونور موساك شيفروليه 192.
32. (13) عميد طومسون # ، شيفروليه ، حادث ، 178.
33. (30) كريس هاكر شيفروليه تعليق 165.
34. (14) راجا كاروث ، شفرولية ، حادث ، 44.
35. (34) جوش ريوم ، تويوتا ، حادث 34.
36. (33) سبنسر بويد ، شيفروليه ، حادث 25.

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