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On that day, I came across a final show of Live talk home internet. I was interested, because a couple of months ago (in September 2022) I ditched my DSL home internet and was using the internet on my phone primarily as a hotspot.

While you can get away with using a file Visible Unlimited data plan as main internet… It’s not quite perfect. You see, I have a lot of “smart” devices that constantly need an internet connection, like my security cameras and picture frames.

This couldn’t have come at a better time. I have been shopping for something like this.

I’ve done some research, and it’s clear that Straight Talk Home Internet is basically a file WalmartIssuance Verizon home internet Services. I’ve already tried to order Verizon service, but for whatever reason, Verizon won’t service my address.

In my view, the main differences between Straight Talk and Verizon are that Straight Talk is prepaid, which means you pay for your internet up front, while Verizon is prepaid, meaning you’re billed afterward (and may already be locked into a contract).

According to Straight Talk’s website, their service will include “truly unlimited 5G/LTE home internet.” You’ll get 5G or 4G, but some customers may only get 4G LTE, depending on how much network they have. They expand on that statement, “The new Prepaid Home Internet Plan with Fixed Wireless easily supports the Internet needs of your entire family. Straight Talk home router provides all-in-one service for broadband and Wi-Fi, and we also include unlimited data. That means no limits. Maximum data usage, no audits on usage, and no overage fees.”

It looks very good. I have already Comcast And they put a data cap on my service, and I keep doing that for a few months. When I did that, my service level was downgraded to a very slow speed. Mine Skype (When I was paying for VOIP phone service) It was not usable. It was terrible. If this new Straight Talk service is reliable, without limits, I might end up trying more streaming services, like back to game arcade.

10/27/2022: I got the router today and it was relatively easy to set it up. You just have to turn on the device, log into the Straight Talk website or app, and activate the router’s MEID number. Since I prepaid for the service, the service recognized my unlimited home plan and contacted them. The router, by itself, is just like the Verizon brand, except for the bottom of the device, it’s branded follow me (which owns Straight Talk).

100Mbps Speed ​​Test

As for the speed – they differ. When you are close to the router, which is connected to the 5G/5GHz band, you can get 95-100mbps. That’s really fast, I download some pretty big games on steam surface And it was fast. I was able to get the games up and running in a few minutes. You can also get the same speed if you connect directly via an ethernet cable.

However, the bad news: the further away from the router, the slower your speed. I was downstairs and I was getting 8Mbps just because I could Just Connecting to the 4LTE / 2.5 GHz band. This also depends on the time of day. When everyone is on the network it was slow…but at night the speed went up to 25Mbps.

I’ll tinker with some settings to see if I can get a better speed, but I think the truth is I’ll probably only get about 10-20mps downstairs. I can’t move the router downstairs because it has to be close to a window to get better reception, since the technology is based on Verizon’s 5G network.

So far, I’m just glad it’s working, but I’m not entirely impressed. It’s still much faster than DSL, but sometimes it can be just as slow.


  • Connect up to 130 devices
  • Unlimited data, no data cap
  • Download speed 4-100 Mbps
  • no contract
  • faster than DSL
  • Available in my market
  • Negatives

  • You have to pay for $99 for the router
  • Walmart Exclusive or Direct
  • Slower download speed at 1-5Mbps
  • Unreliable speed
  • You must be close to the router
  • There are no package discounts
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