Larry Jenkins found guilty of killing a former NBA player

A Dallas County jury found Larry Jenkins guilty of premeditated murder Friday in the murder of Andre Emmett, former NBA basketball player and Dallas NBA player Carter.

When the verdict was read, the Jenkins family members burst into tears in court.

With the conviction, the 23-year-old Jenkins received an automatic life sentence without the possibility of parole.

“He has been seized by the sheriff of Dallas County and handed over to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Institution, where she will serve a life sentence without the possibility of parole,” Judge Chika Anyam said after Jenkins’ conviction.

Andre Emmett was shot dead outside his home in Old East Dallas in 2019 during a burglary.

Keith Johnson and Michael Lackey also face charges of premeditated murder. Their cases are expected to go to trial later this year.

During her victim impact statement, Emmett’s mother spoke about how much Grad Dallas Carter loves his two daughters, Kennedy and Zara.

“I lost half of my heart. Half of my heart is gone,” she said before directing her comments to Jenkins. “What did you want from him, jewelry? A watch? He gave you what you asked for.”

Sobbing can be heard throughout the courtroom as Oliver spoke of her son.

“He was so excited about the kids,” she said. “He was happy to be a father. He was so excited about being a father.”

Oliver also told Jenkins that she had been praying for his children, if he had children.

“But when you kill someone for no other reason than your life, all I can say to you sir, may God have mercy on your soul because you really…you need him, you need him,” she said.

Jenkins’ family and loved ones reacted to his conviction and life sentence.

“My first comment was to tell my mom to stop crying, it’s going to be okay,” defense attorney Robbie McClung said. “He’s ready to move on and he wants his family to rest and know he’s handling things and you don’t have to worry about him.”

McClung described the jury as being driven by thought, adding that she was optimistic after the jurors sent notes about the testimony.

“But it was a bit surprising that before these observations were answered, they came back with a ruling,” McClung added.

The main clue was the GPS and cell phone tracking that put Jenkins and a Chrysler 300 used in the robbery and murder outside Emmett’s home.

Emmett’s doorbell camera captures images and sounds from the ambush, and gunshots that cut through Emmett as he tried to run.

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Closing arguments at the trial took place on Thursday.

Prosecutors allege that tracking evidence from Jenkins’ phone places him at the scene of the murder and other evidence was destroyed when a car believed to be used by the suspect was destroyed shortly after the shooting.

The defense argued that all evidence against Jenkins is circumstantial.

During the trial, prosecutors invited professional criminals to the stand that claimed Jenkins had told them they had killed Emmett.

Jenkins protested his right not to take a stand in his own defence.

Andre Emmett has played for the Memphis Grizzlies and the New Jersey Nets as well as the Third Division.

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