Kenan Thompson adds virtual reality and holograms to The National Comedy

CHICAGO, Illinois, Oct 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

thirteenth season of Kenan Thompson‘s Absolute Comedy E.Experience Kick off futuristic new technology so that Kenan can broadcast in select programs to present comics as a file proto 3D image even while he’s busy with the new season of Saturday Night Live. The tour also includes Presented talentComics’ virtual reality technology enables comics from across the country to participate in the form of avatars.

Kenan Thompson The ultimate comedy experience A national stand-up comedy and talent hunt for young stars, Kenan Thompson attempts to find the funniest comedians and kids with amazing talent across the country (more than 50 major cities). Experience produced by Sherry Chills Buchanan From Simply C 360.

To bring expertise To the next level this year, collaborate with Kenan Presented talent founders, Kyle Makes And the Gonzales To add a VR option for participants through Failed to present Comedy Club Where comedians and kids can now perform stand-up comedy in the metaverse.

Kinan has also collaborated with Proto Company To be able to have comedians cheer on celebrities and avatars from the metaverse to join the live show via 4K hologram. Through Proto, Kenan is able to pose in 3D to deliver the show and storyboards, despite his busy SNL schedule.

Test run for the integration of new technology in expertise It was a hit at the Atlanta Comedy Theater last week, sponsored by monitezwith comics gathering on stage at the end to take selfies with the hologram Kenan at the end.

The Failed To Render Comedy Club is the first comedy club to take place in the Metaverse and also to create hybrid shows that bring comedy avatars to reality comedy clubs where fans can enjoy the show without headphones. Failed to submit, founder Kyle Render has appeared in Washington Post.

Proto is the original patented hologram device, known for satisfying CEOs, artists and athletes around the world for live and interactive experiences. Los Angeles-based startup Howie Mandel counts among its investors/advisors and has been used in comedy to send Andy Kindler from Los Angeles to Montreal’s Just for Laughs Festival to present the popular “State of the Industry” comedy group live. Other comedic talents who have used Proto include Whitney Cummings, Jay Faroah, Dean Cook and Terry Crews. In the rest of the entertainment industry, Proto has been used by Ellen and Sean Combs, american talentsand Migos, Walker Hayes, Netflix, HBO, WWE’s Logan Paul, and more.

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About Proto Inc. Proto is the global innovator and leading provider of the award-winning, patented Proto OS & holographic platform. With over 100 Proto units permanently deployed globally, and with an ever-growing live events, production and rental division, Proto promotes people, brands and digital assets across the globe. Proto has become the fastest growing communications and marketing solutions in retail, hospitality, entertainment, healthcare, education, financial services, technology and the arts. This year, Proto won 1st prize at SXSW for “Innovation in Connecting People,” a 3-time honoree at CES and named to Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list. Proto is a massive venture capital and celebrity backed technology company headquartered in Los Angeles with showrooms and distributors in New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Nashville, Toronto, London, Paris, Taipei, Milan, Brisbane and Seoul. More information at


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