John Daly gets hurt in um… then he describes it in the most Daly way

John Daly hits the tee Friday on the fourth hole at Norwood Hills Country Club.

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Prior to this week’s event on the PGA Tour Champions, John Daly was asked to shed the first pitch of the host city’s home team, the St. Louis Cardinals, and Do it this way: He walked to the pile, and turned towards the home plate while still in step and I scored 72 on the gunwhile in shorts and sandals, at 56. That’s impressive.

But should she not do it for you, or want to hear else feat, Dali got another one.

On Friday, during the first round of the Ascension Charity Classic, he shot four under-67 players. Only seven players were better. But Daly was in pain.

From here, this was his Exchange with correspondents after his tour. We’ll let him take over.

“John, before the tour started, you were thinking about not playing, right?

“Yeah yeah. Actually, I don’t want to talk about it, but L-2, I think I pinched it yesterday at No. 2,” began Daly. “The pro was so long and I waited and kind of went for a drive-through and the L-2 kind of went to your parts and I’ve been hurting ever since.

“I mean, the guys shredded me and gave me some pills to take. It hasn’t happened to me since I played football with him when we played in Helias. There is a lot of water and a little rest.”

“Can you explain the actual injury?”

Before he does here, we’ll share this one. The describes L2 This way: “The L2 vertebra is located in the lower curvature of the spine, and the part of the spinal cord that protects it is known as the lumbar cord. Injury to this area can cause nerve damage, loss of sensation in the lower extremities, and difficulty walking and moving.” Daly is an honest man.

let’s continue.

“L-2 goes to… [nods]”

“Oh yes.”

“And I think I pulled a muscle in it and went to my country [grunts]Daly said. “I feel like someone kicked me in the n**s, is that the way I want to say it? Yes, it has been since I played the pro yesterday. It hurt last night then I saw the guys this morning and they pulled me a little bit. It was brutal. “.

Bryson Deschamps and John Daly at the Open Championship

The John Daly and Bryson DeChambeau Show was a blast to watch (pun intended)


Alain Bastable

“How did you feel all day?”

“I was too eager to sit on the golf cart, let’s put it this way.”

okay then.

To summarize, Daly plays with the best players in the world over the age of 50, is only two ways off the lead and has done so in the above manner. This is noticeable at least.

Before he left the interview area at Norwood Hills Country Club, Daly finally had a back and forth.

“What are you going to do the rest of the day, just rest and go somewhere and sit down?”

“I’m going to Hooters, and I’m going to get some wings and drink a pitcher of Miller Lite,” said Daly, the man of matches at the restaurant.

“It would be perfect.”

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