Joe Mazzola, Jason Tatum discuss contractions in loss to Bulls

What started as a dominant race in the first quarter ended in a bitter defeat, like Boston Celtics They dropped their first game of the season on Monday night. they suffered defeat 126-120 to me Chicago Bullsbut Nikola Vucevic’s dominant performance was far from the only enemy.

Throughout the course of the game, as the Bulls re-emerged and eventually jumped to a massive lead, the Celtics’ frustration with the referees grew. Jayson Tatum had a technical with 7:21 to go in the third quarter after waving his arm as a sign of contention.

Not long after, Vucevic hit the ball in the air after not agreeing to the call. Tatum ran quickly to the referees, arguing that Vucevich should have picked up a technique to make a similar move.

Head coach Joe Mazzola backed his star player, but referee Mark Davis provided him with technique. After Mazola failed to leave the field, Davis hit him with a second T-shot, knocking him out of the match.

The Year 1 coach took responsibility for his actions after the game.

“I should have had better calm under the circumstances,” Mazola said. He noted that he didn’t curse officials and didn’t even talk to Davis when he got the technology. Mazola said he was “just trying to get the referee’s attention”.

Regardless, he said that β€œin moments like this, when things aren’t going your way, you just have to be more composed. Do a better job.”

Davis explained the output process in The official billiards report for the league.

“Having been warned before at 4:53 in [third] In a quarter, he comes to court making unsportsmanlike comments and his first technical foul is evaluated. He doesn’t get off the ground and keeps pointing and complaining and his second technical foul is evaluated and he gets kicked out according to the rule.”

Boston’s official problems did not end there. Grant Williams was later called in for a ban foul on Zach Lavigne. He immediately appeared in disgust and walked away from the sideline. In the process, he bumped into official Cheryl Flores, who promptly fired him.

In the pool report, Davis also provided an explanation for Williams’ dismissal.

After being properly judged for a foul against Williams, he jumps and approaches the official [Cheryl] Flores and makes intentional physical contact with her and is expelled according to the rule in this Code of Sportsmanship.”

Williams had been barking at officials for several plays that led to the expulsion, and it felt as if a storm was brewing. Most of the Boston players were arguing with the referees for the latter half of the game, and they ended up losing.

Mazzola said he spoke with Williams after the match, but joked that he didn’t have many high moral principles to stand on.

“We talked. I mean who am I to talk? But at the same time, we have to be better,” Mazola said.

The Celtics lost their composure as the match went on. Chicago ran laps around on both ends of the floor, and by the time Mazola and Williams were fired, they seemed more interested in the referee than the game itself.

All told, this was only the fourth game of the season. And according to Tatum, it was a bad day at work.

“I mean, right now, it can be tough, but you’re just trying to stay together. I mean, I’m just being honest – there are 82 games plus the playoffs. There are going to be nights like this. You just want, for the most part, to keep your composure. I cry because we’re all human. It’s like it’s a bad day at work. Everyone has bad days at work. And people respond differently. It’s just, 24,000 people are watching us have a bad day at work. But, you know, it happens.”

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