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The hostility continues. Jason Aldean Referred Maren Morris At a concert in Nashville, the audience booed amid the Grammy winner’s feud with Brittany Aldean.

The Georgian, 45, said he wanted to bring in a special guest during his show on Friday, October 14, at Bridgestone Arena.

“I thought, man, who can I call? I have some friends in town,” he told the audience, to all the videos shared. Via social media. “I can call Luke Brian. I can call Ken Brown. see if Kenny ChesneyHere and not on the beach.”

The crowd cheerfully cheered after each name was mentioned, but the reaction was different when he said, “Maren Morris.”

The crowd booed loudly while Aldean put on a confused face as if he didn’t know why those present reacted so negatively.

Concert goer Jason Aldean named Beau Marine Morris before Morgan and Elaine show a surprise

Morgan Wallen MediaPunch/Shutterstock

The country singer finally revealed his special guest – Morgan Wallen. They played Wallen’s hit “Whiskey Glass” as well as Aldean’s “You Make it Easy.”

The guest singer also came into conflict with Morris, 32, who publicly criticized him after he was He was caught drunk using racist slurs February 2021. Last month, the “My Church” singer said she wasn’t sure how she felt about Wallen’s return, but the Texan gave him credit for it. At least saying sorry.

“I honestly don’t know how to feel about it,” Morris told The Guardian. Los Angeles Times in September. “He made a mistake, and I will say after this Aldean drama, at least Morgan tried to apologize, even if he wasn’t perfect. I have to give him that because he didn’t have to.”

Bones singer and Brittany beef Started in August. “I really want to thank my parents for not changing my gender when I went through my tomboy stage. I love this feminine life,” the beauty blogger wrote via Instagram in August 2022, along with a makeup tutorial she shared with fans at the time.

Jason – who married Brittany in 2015 – replied, “Lmao!! I’m glad they didn’t do that either, because we wouldn’t have made it 😂”.

However, many critics criticized the comments as anti-transgender, including Morris and cassady bob. “You’d think celebrities with beauty brands would see the pros of including LGBTQ+ people in their messages,” The Voice alum wrote via Twitter, referring to both Brittany’s post and her hair extensions line. “But instead, here we go, we hear someone comparing a ‘tomboy stage’ to someone who wants to move on. Really cute.”

In response to Bob, Morris wrote that “it’s very easy not to be a stupid human being” before adding that Brittany should “sell your videos and press them, Barbie rebellion,” referring to the January 2021 riots in the Capitol after the presidential election .

Morris and Brittany have since exchanged several punches, and the YouTuber even appeared on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson tonight In early September. Brittany said she was “surprised” at the level of backlash she received. “I think I’m defending children,” she claimed.

During the interview, a delayer appeared reading “Lunatic Country Music Person” below Morris’ picture. Des Morris was inspired to create a T-shirt and donate money to the transgender media program at GLAAD and Trans Lifeline. It raised more than $150,000. For Spirit Day, I designed a new T-shirt that reads, “You have a seat at this table.”

Weeks after interviewing Brittany, Maurice He said to the executioner Anthony Allen Ramos She was touched by “the greatness of empathy you get when you’re a parent.” she Ibn Hayes shares2, with her husband Ryan Heardwhom I have been married to since 2018.

Morris explained, “I think you’re more sensitive to misinformation and bullying. …Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who believe things that are simply not true about transgender youth and nurture gender affirmation and what it really entails.”

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