How to set up guest mode on your Android phone

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While you may not have realized it, your Android phone can support multiple user accounts in the same way that Windows and macOS support — and while you probably don’t share your smartphone with a very large number of people day in and day out, there is an advantage Guest mode available which may come in handy if you ever need to lend to a family member, friend or colleague.

Here, we’ll take you through the process of enabling guest mode, and also explain how it works. The instructions below are for the latest Android 13 on your Google Pixel 6 Pro – but if you’re using a different version of Android or a phone from a different manufacturer, there won’t be much difference in the procedure or features available (a quick web search can usually help if you get stuck problem).

To get started, you really need to enable multiple users on your Android device, this is done by opening Settings and then selecting System And the multiple users. turn on Allow multiple users switch, after which you can add new users to the device (add user), as well as enable guest mode (add guest).

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First, you need to enable multiple users.
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Selection add guest, and you’ll get a very basic settings screen: there’s an option to switch to the guest account, the option to enable or disable phone calls during guest mode, and the option to remove the guest account. You can’t add multiple guests at once, so if more than one person needs to access your phone regularly, you’ll have to start creating users.

By the way, creating new users is a much more complicated process: it’s like setting up your phone for the first time. The new user will need a Google account (at least if they want to use any of the Google apps or download anything from the Play Store), they will be able to set their screen unlock method, etc. If you opt for simplicity, go for guest mode; If you share the phone with another person on an ongoing basis, add them as a user.

Screenshot guest mode on Android

Phone calls can be enabled or disabled for guests.
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The user’s choice is also the go-option.If you have a child who will use your phone regularly, rather than a nephew or sister who will occasionally borrow it to play a game or two – you’ll be able to add a child’s account from Google family groupManage what your little one can do on the device.

So far, We focus on guest mode, and you can switch to it from System And the multiple users page, or by dragging two fingers down from the top of the screen and pressing the user account button at the bottom of the quick settings panel. You can use tIt is the same methods To get back to your standard account again.

If the guest wants to download any apps or check Gmail, they’ll have to enter a Google account – they can use your account if they want to, but that kind of negates the point of using guest mode in the first place. Apps like Google Chrome and YouTube can be used without logging in, and phone calls can be made if You are The feature was allowed when you configured guest mode to start with.

Screenshot guest mode on Android

The guest account can be wiped upon departure.
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What really differentiates guest mode from a full user account is how easy it is to start over from scratch. Each time you switch to guest mode, you will be asked if you want to continue the previous session (yes keep going) or delete everything and start overstart again). This includes the Google accounts the guest has signed in to, the websites the guest has opened in Chrome, etc.

There is, too No way guests can access the files or messages on your phone: everything from your SMS messages to your emails to your saved photos are blocked and inaccessible. Guests are It’s also blocked from being able to switch to another wifi, and as you’d expect, they can’t reset your phone, also.

Screenshot guest mode on Android

You can monitor how much space the guest account is using.
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Guest mode comes with some privacy protections for the guest as well: when they’re done with everything they’re doing, they can go to the account switch screen (through Settings or under the Quick Settings panel) and then choose remove guest– This erases everything keep track of what They did that and logged them out of all their accounts.

Android includes a useful feature to keep tabs about the effect of guest mode on your device. If you open Settings then choose storage and scroll down the list to visitoryou can see how much space is occupied by the guest account and other user accounts on the phone.

So you have it – a feature directly hidden in Android that may be completely inconvenient for some users, but will be very useful for other users, and it’s easy to use (especially once you’ve set it up). in this time, At least, there is no similar option available on iOS.

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