How ‘Don’t Worry Baby’ became the internet’s favorite meme

Apparent, do not worry my love You should follow a similar path for 95 percent of Movies Released every year. Ranking is slightly below average in the eyes of reviewers IMDB And the rotten tomatoesAnd the Olivia WildeFollow up for 2019 Box Mart It should be destined for a disappointing box office performance, followed by a sanitized life in the far fringes of your favorite streaming service. It has “Everyone’s fourth choice that ends up watching because it’s the most insulting of all viewers” written all over it.

However, it looks like the movie, which is supposed to be shown on September 23rd, will hit cinemas with great fanfare. Rumors abound about anxiety among the main cast Harry StilesChris Pine and Florence Bow are supposed to share a little love for each other. It’s all sparked by social media, which has grabbed the bones of every public appearance for signs of disharmony between the actors.

“It seems that many different threads are gathering in do not worry my love Jess Maddox, associate professor at the University of Alabama and an expert on internet culture says:

A key thread, Maddox says, is a thirst for an old-fashioned popular feud among the common people that has turned a series of coincidences into a fully grown Barney. “Platforms like TikTok and Twitter help amplify and accelerate speculation about these controversies, and these apps were definitely where rumors circulated during the Venice Film Festival,” she explains. “When people don’t have all the information, they often turn to social media to pick out the breadcrumbs and discuss them with like-minded people.”

Then there’s the universality of sentiment expressed by Chris Pine, whose vacant look was during a press conference Captured and shared on social mediaIt has now been viewed over 19 million times. Says Maddox, who believes the sentiment behind the stare has been stared by the direction of quiet take-off and setting boundaries in action.

“Was those facial expressions a sign that Chris Pine was Quit smoking quiet do not worry my love? ‘ asks Maddox. ‘Only he can say with certainty, but the feeling of performance has been felt by everyone at their job at one time or another.’

One major question remains unanswered: why what is widely believed to be a mediocre movie has become the main driver of meme culture. Both are unremarkable enough to be expected to fly under the radar, while not enough for a cult classic to justify becoming a meme-like movement in the same way something like Tommy Wisow the room did years ago.

There are some suggestions: Share Harry Stiles As a serious lead actor for the first time, the jealousy and jealousy that is believed to come with that is one potential. The fact that the press tour was a media juggernaut could also contribute to the way gossip was transmitted to the general public.

For Nathalie Van Raemdonck, PhD researcher in memes at Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium, it’s all of the above — and more. “Add to that the human feelings that you can see in very subtle ways for the celebrities involved, which are interpreted by the audience based on the rumors circulating about this movie,” she says. “I think it also plays a role in the Internet’s penchant for spying; people like to speculate whether this startle or look is related to this rumor or confirms such and such suspicion.”

Van Raymdonk says the desire to turn the Internet of casual interactions into Agatha Christie plot points has become more and more common in recent years. “It happens very quickly that people make something huge out of a very small interaction, and because these celebrities are under such a microscope of public scrutiny, there are a lot of these little interactions to read about,” she says.

Case in point: the claim that Spit patterns on pines While sitting at the movie premiere in Venice who was Denied by both parties Yet he continues to earn currency on social media. In some ways, the spitgate’s near-fact-free analysis is an extension of the movement that picked up speed during Johnny Depp Amber Heard trialin which small facial movements have been psychologically analyzed and given a more detailed meaning than the frames of the Zapruder movie that were filled in the aftermath of John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963.

Another incident that was similarly analyzed to death on social media were the 2021 Eurovision winners Supposedly Manskin smells coke During their press conference, who again distorted factual footage to support a discussion. “It’s pure misleading logic,” says Van Raymdonk: “Take the piece of content out of context where it fits a particular narrative, share it with audiences who will accept it indiscriminately and add it to the puzzle of what is truly is happening. Voila, Mimi was born! “

Not only male stars have been vetted by social media. Florence Pugh’s demeanor and appearance was subject to internet gossip gossip. “Mims are based on a very reductive, subjective and ironic presentation of events and pop culture,” says Anastasia Denisova, senior lecturer in journalism at the University of Westminster who studies the topic. “They turn real people into icons – which is why so many memes are associated with Florence Beau’s appearance, walking carelessly With a soft drink at the Venice Film Festival.”

Pugh was largely silent about the film, which some have suggested indicates unease with what it has become (she was originally scheduled to star alongside Shia LaBeouf, until he left the project and replaced it with Styles). Some of Pugh’s only comments about do not worry my love It was largely negative, focusing on it Discomfort about the movie Being known only for his sex scenes. she Missed the press conference before the premiere In Venice due to flight delays, and then made public comments Which suggests dissatisfaction with the film.

The big question is whether the controversy will turn into cash — and full cinematic seats. With two weeks left before the official theatrical release, Don’t worry my love Success could hinge on the gossip analysis of his stars by social media users that has been going on for some time now.

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