Happy Earth clothing puts the planet first

As the Happy Earth slogan says, “When it comes to the planet, we actually care.” It’s a statement backed by clothing made from natural materials and attention to every step of the product cycle.

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Happy Earth, which calls itself a sustainable lifestyle apparel brand, is a B Corporation certified, a hard-earned rating that requires assessment of the impact of business decisions on workers, customers, suppliers, society and the environment. All products are vegan, cruelty-free, organic, and made with sustainable materials.

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Solstice gray shirt

The clothing line includes shirts, blouses, leggings, dresses and T-shirts. It also sells blankets, hats, jewelry, water bottles, and other accessories. Most of the clothing is based on GOTS certified organic cotton that comes from natural fields.

Although the leggings, traditionally made of various forms of plastic, are made with a touch of Lycra (6%), they are mainly composed of organic cotton and Tencel. The blankets are woven from recycled fibers extracted from discarded textiles. Jewelry emblems and hats are made from cork, a renewable resource that does no harm to trees during harvest.

It is easy to see the dedication to the environment by sharing the 1% on the planet. At checkout, customers can choose where they want the donations to go. Each item in your cart can support planting 15 trees, 150 pounds of carbon offsets, or removing waste from parks, beaches and streets.

Beanie set in a variety of colors

As a certified B Corp and caring company, Happy Earth works with Fair Trade organic cotton growers, sustainable cork harvesters, and artisans who use reclaimed fibres. Manufacture is done in WRAP certified facilities to ensure fair prices, fair wages, good working conditions and economic independence.

The certification also means the company is transparent about these steps toward social and environmental performance and legal accountability in hopes of accelerating the “transformation of global culture to redefine business success and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.”

Along the supply chain, Happy Earth researches where emissions are occurring and evaluates abatement options. Any remaining carbon footprint is offset through a partnership with CarbonFund.

The company is known as a social enterprise. Significantly, it takes an extra step to educate consumers about environmental concerns. The company’s website features an impact section that discusses climate change, combating deforestation, the importance of reducing plastic and the steps the company is taking in the fight. The community page offers resources and challenges as well as an informative magazine.

Gray model sports pants with white shoes

Happy Earth Product Review

The company offered to send me a product for testing, which I, of course, eagerly accepted after considering its position on social responsibility and the statements about the clothing itself. A few days later I received a pair of runners, a baseball cap, a poster my son snatched on the spot, a tree donation check pin, an information card and a nice note.

The packaging is cute and stamped with Happy Earth and planet related logos. I was very disappointed to see the items arrive in a plastic bag. However, I did some research and found out that all of the packaging is made from 100% recycled materials, so I brought back the missing points on the matter. Plus it’s sturdy enough to use when we take out cat litter.

Inside the bag, the clothes were left loose instead of being put into extra packs. Simple paper tape was enough to hold the runner in place and everything was in good shape.

The baseball cap is a basic one-size-fits-all design with an adjustable strap at the back. It is a wonderful green forest with a very white fir tree embroidered on the front. The company also sells two other hat designs that feature the cork logo. The white fir hat is soft and flexible. The cover is made of 100% organic cotton, and the elasticated fit makes it feel like snuggly from the first wear. Its unisex design also attracted my son, who tried to grab it before I could review it. He might find her talented for Christmas.

Run from Happy Earth

Arboretum Joggers exceeded my expectations. It’s thick and has really good quality cotton. They feature durable stitching throughout, and a soft, comfortable feel. For sizing, note that these are snug sizes with a short, jogging fit. They are unisex sizes, so use the size chart, but size up if you want a more flexible fit. For reference, I’m about 5’6″ and 140lbs and I don’t want them any smaller but I consider the small a perfect fit.

The cuff hits just above the ankle and is loose enough that you can pull it up to the length of the capri. The great depth of pockets makes it a very comfortable and natural place to rest my hand. The drawstring at the waist allows ample room to tie without a lot of extra. I immediately tied knots at each end of the tie to avoid losing it in the wash. Perhaps my favorite feature is the band around the waist. At about three inches deep, it doesn’t dig or fold but does provide a firm grip and a bit of support around the waist.

In addition to the great fit and quality feel, I love the look of these track pants, with two colors and vegan accents on the sides. I can see myself living in these, and maybe I will.

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