Giants player Jock Pederson was Davante Adams on the high school reception team

Las Vegas – It really is, with apologies to Charles Dickens, a tale of two dressing rooms. Or a baseball club and a football locker room.

because in San Francisco Giants“Inner Campus, The Story of an All-Star Player Jock Pederson to be ahead Las Vegas Raiders All-Pro . Receiver Davant Adams On the depth chart of the high school football team is widely well known. With a good eye roll. or three.

“Yeah, you may have heard that story a little bit,” Giants Shortstop Brandon Crawford This summer, he said with a smirk. “He’s definitely mentioned it a few times, something about his numbers and being a ‘wide receiver 1’.

“I just assumed Davante was doubling down[-teamed] Every night until your jock is open. That’s kind of what I figured.”

Cross club, ace giantsLogan Webwho grew up as a huge Raiders fan outside of Sacramento, is more than a fan.

“I think he’s great, especially because he was technically ahead of him, and Davante is now the number one receiver in the entire league,” Webb laughed. “That’s cool. I was making fun of my jock and saying, ‘Where did this sport go?’ “

But 500 miles or more southeast of the Bay Area, in the desert raiders’ housing complex, the story has yet to begin.

“I had no idea,” said Pro Bull Raiders a gambler AJ Cool, a die-hard Braves fan who remembered Pederson’s championships in Atlanta’s 2021 race to the World Championship title. “You must be a hotbed of talent. I want to see some stats need to To see some stats.

and safety Jonathan AbramAdams, who opposed Adams in practice every day and was highly regarded in baseball in Mississippi, wanted proof. “genuinely?” Abram is thinking. “That’s a crazy statistic. Look at both boys now.”

Pedersen is a two-time world champion with 702 hits and 171 home runs in nine major league seasons. Adams, who plays 1-3 Raiders in Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night Football (8:15 p.m. ET, ESPN/ESPN+/ABC), is a two-time All-Pro receiver who has 695 career receptions for 8,411 yards and 76 touchdowns in eight seasons with Green Bay Packers And four games with the raiders.

So how, you might ask, given the career paths Adams and Pederson took, was a two-time All-Pro future back-up for a new competitor at the Home Run Derby in the year they played together?

Both thrived in their respective sports. In fact, both of them made their league debut within three days of each other in September 2014.

But in 2009, all eyes were on the football field at Palo Alto High School (California).

they called “X-Power” is in the field, a nickname for the duo as a reference to the position they shared like prep receivers.

“I was a backup X,” Adams said. “Even if we’re in the field at the same time.”

Adams was young, and Pederson was big in the fall of 2009. Adams was also playing his first year in organized football since he broke his left arm playing football in the eighth grade.

“It was the first game, and the last game in the first half,” Adams said. “I was a quarterback. I just said, ‘I’m done with this…. I don’t break a bone.’ “

Three years later, backed by the family, Adams joined Pederson on the Palo Alto football team. Adams said the two had been “close friends” since middle school, and were already teammates on the Vikings basketball team. This is where Adams made his first major impression on Pederson.

“I just remember, we were playing basketball and he was a freshman, and I was a sophomore, and he was always attempt to dip, attempt Pederson recalls. “He could dunk, but the next year he was doing like 360 ​​degrees. I just moved on to a whole different level of, ‘Woah, this…’ Between legs, 360 seconds, just everything.”

“I think he could win the NBA dunk contest. That’s how athletic he is.”

Well, after his first touchdown with the Raiders in a season-opening loss in Los Angeles ChargersAdams celebrated a pseudo-personality.Isaiah Ryder-style East Bay Funk Dunk. In the air, while still rising to the goal at SoFi Stadium, he put the ball between his legs and, before dunking the ball over the crossbar, harmlessly dropped the pigskin into the end zone.

In high school, it was Pederson who stood out.

“It was a dog,” Adams said of his geology class partner.

“He was a hell of a player,” Adams continued. “He showed me a lot. I wouldn’t look at him, like, the vet because he was always, just to paint the picture, it was kind of like high school soccer a little bit. But he was… a nail in all three sports. [football, basketball and baseball].

“and me [already] He knows a lot about football, so it wasn’t that kind of atmosphere. But I learned a lot from him in regards to him being kind of old and watching him from afar. … he was one of the bravest people [teammates] I ever had. He was going to talk about a few things.”

This talk was sometimes directed at soccer coach, Earl Hansen, a legend in the South Bay High School coaching ranks who counts Jim Harbaugh as an early quarterback who has won more than 200 games in 31 seasons in Palo Alto and the San Lorenzo Valley. .

In fact, Hansen, better known as “Silver Fox,” said he fired Pederson from the team early in 2009 after what Hansen said was a “blowout.”

Pederson returned shortly after making the adjustments, and Adams recalled that Pederson went out against San Jose Archbishop Mity Hai in his first game with 100 yards in a quarter.

“That was before anyone really did bootyAdams said booty. He scored and threw the ball back. That was old school, where you wore 16 bands on your arms. He was one of those who did it. He was playing baseball so he had some exclusive stuff drip It will also give us. Long sleeve camouflage and all that.”

statistics? Cole, the Raiders punter, wanted stats.

The 2009 Palo Alto team went 7-2-2, with Pederson having 30 passes for 650 yards (21.7 yards per catch) and nine distances and Adams, again in his first year of organized football in high school, earning the 25 passes for 484 yards (19.4 YPC) and seven TDs.

“Basically, in his freshman year, he knew what he was supposed to do, but he didn’t know what the others were supposed to do,” Hansen, who retired after the 2013 season, said of Adams. “It didn’t take long.

“It was fun, we could call in all kinds of different plays and it would work. It was very special. We were having a good year, until our midfielder got injured.”

Pederson remembers how elusive Adams was after he hunted.

“It’s not like he’s super fast, very fast, but his speed just stands out,” Pederson said. “If someone is trying to manipulate it, that person won’t deal with it. Not even touch it, really. It just finds a way to tease you. It’s admirable.”

Consistent NFL defensive appearances.

Pederson graduated in Spring 2010 with his eyes strictly on baseball and was chosen by Los Angeles Dodgers In Round 11 of the June MLB Draft. He continued to spend time in secondary locations such as Midland, Michigan, Rancho Cucamonga, California, Albuquerque, and New Mexico.

In the fall of 2010, with Adams firmly established as WR1, Vikings Hansen went 14-0 and won their first California state title. Adams received a scholarship to Fresno State and evolved from existence Uncategorized recruiter To become a second-round draft pick by the Packers in 2014.

Pedersen made his league debut when he hit Dodger Stadium on September 1, 2014, as he sought to finish with Juan Uribe at third base and Karl Crawford initially in a 6-4 loss to the team. Washington citizens. Adams made his NFL debut three days later in Seattle, where he played 18 catches (nine on attack, nine on special teams) and had no pass coming his way in the Packers’ 36-16 loss to the Seahawks.

Despite these ominous beginnings of their professional careers, they have thrived. They have kept in touch with the occasional text. Adams Raiders Quarterback Derek Carr I enjoyed watching Pedersen Homer then talked trash to a fan who was riding in Milwaukee earlier this season after Adams Carr sent a link to the video on Instagram.

But those are strange days for Pederson, who won’t play in the postseason for the first time in his big league career after being part of the two former world champions in the 2020 Dodgers (one of the six Los Angeles playoff teams he’s played on) and the Braves last year. Still chasing his first Lombardy Cup as he rode his legs aboard the roaring Raiders, Adams experienced three straight losses before overcoming the Denver Broncos In the fourth week.

“He loves it,” Pederson said. “I mean, the Raiders have been his favorite team since he was a little kid, and that’s kind of a dream come true.

“In Fresno, he keeps growing, and in the NFL, he keeps getting better. He’s hungry to get better, and it’s been a fun ride to watch.”

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