Fujitsu launches “Fujitsu Computing as a Service (CaaS)” in Japan, a new global co-innovation partner program: Fujitsu Global

Fujitsu Ltd.

Tokyo, October 25 2022

Fujitsu Corporation today announced that it has begun offering “Fujitsu Computing as a Service” (hereinafter referred to as CaaS), its suite of services to provide customers with access to world-leading public cloud computing technologies to the Japanese market, with a global rollout to follow in fiscal 2023.

Fujitsu simultaneously launched the “Fujitsu Accelerator for CaaS”, a new global partner program that aims to provide rapid solutions to societal issues including labor shortages in logistics, countermeasures for infectious diseases and the development of new job materials by co-creating use cases on CaaS platform with innovative companies such as startups.

Fujitsu’s new cloud services include “Fujitsu Computing as a Service HPC” (hereinafter referred to as CaaS HPC) as well as “Fujitsu Computing as a Service Digital Annealer” (hereinafter as CaaS Digital Annealer) to develop and operate simulations and intelligence technologies Synthetic and Synthesized Optimization Applications.

The launch also includes “Fujitsu Computing as a Service Technical Consulting Services” (hereinafter CaaS Technical Consulting Services) that supports the selection and acceleration of the optimum environment according to the characteristics of clients’ applications.

Fujitsu provides these services as part of its vision to “Hybrid ITTo achieve a new digital infrastructure for a connected society, which is a major focus area under Fujitsu OffenseFujitsu’s portfolio of global solutions for a sustainable world.

Going forward, Fujitsu will cooperate with third-party cloud service providers to enhance its environment and enhance its services by expanding applications provided under CaaS, with the goal of expanding the service to the global market in fiscal year 2023.

Outline of “Fujitsu Computing as a Service” (“CaaS”) and “Fujitsu Accelerator Program for CaaS”

1. CaaS . chart

Fujitsu offers CaaS as a cloud services portfolio that enables Fujitsu and its customers to jointly develop and implement applications and services using advanced computing and software technologies. The CaaS family includes High Performance Computing (HPC) technologies and a Fujitsu quantum-inspired digital analyzer. (1) As cloud services in addition to technical consulting services.

(1) “CaaS HPC”

Via CaaS HPC, users will be able to access: The computing power of the “Fujitsu Supercomputer PRIMEHPC FX1000” (hereinafter referred to as PRIMEHPC FX1000) which shares the same CPU at the heart of the Fugaku supercomputer (2); PC suite with high performance Intel CPU (3); and PC suite with high-performance Intel CPU and NVIDIA GPU (4) To develop and run simulation and artificial intelligence applications.

(2) “CaaS Digital Annealer”

Through the CaaS Digital Annealer, users will be able to use Fujitsu’s quantum-inspired digital softener that solves complex aggregation optimization problems at speeds not possible with current conventional computing technologies.

CaaS Digital Annealer will provide fast and accurate solutions to aggregate optimization problems from a wide area including distribution and production planning, drug development, and research for new materials.

(3) “CaaS Technical Consulting Services”

Fujitsu will support customers in selecting the best solutions for application development and implementation by providing them with the computing power of the PRIMEHPC FX1000, PC suites, or Fujitsu digital infuser.

Figure 1: Overview of the CaaS lineup

In order to further enhance the safety of Fujitsu CaaS services, Fujitsu further aims to provide “Fujitsu Computing as a Service Data e-TRUST” (5) Provides a high level of security for the exchange and use of data between companies and individual users by the end of fiscal year 2022.

Masafumi Ito, Group General Manager, IT & Manufacturing Group of TOYOTA SYSTEMS CORPORATION (6)comments:

Toyota Systems Corporation has begun practical application of Fujitsu’s Digital Annealer – a core service of CaaS – to improve vehicle production sequencing at Toyota Motor Corporation production plants. CaaS embodies Fujitsu’s vision for a sustainable future. Our expectations are high that CaaS will be used in a wide range of industries and fields in the future, which will lead to further technological development and service expansion.”

Eric Capodano, Chief Technology Officer, Phytocontrol Group (7)comments:

“Over the past two years, Phytocontrol and Fujitsu have been building flexible, easy-to-use, and accurate AI solutions that revolutionize pollutant analysis in the agri-food business, speeding up operations, and eliminating human error. Applying CaaS to our chromatography (8) Related work will require continuous learning to improve the accuracy of various AI models and more sophisticated computational resources. CaaS provides a robust, secure, and resilient environment that we believe will accelerate our broad scope of operations.”

2. Overview of the new “Fujitsu Accelerator for CaaS”

On October 25, Fujitsu also launched the Fujitsu Accelerator for CaaS with the goal of quickly finding solutions to societal issues by encouraging the co-creation of new use cases on the CaaS platform with innovative startups both in Japan and abroad that share the same values ​​that Fujitsu Uvance stands for. By promoting co-creation with several partners, Fujitsu aims to further enhance the value of the solutions offered under Fujitsu Uvance.

As the “Fujitsu Accelerator for CaaS Co-Creation Partner Program”, participating startups will get many benefits including free access to CaaS services, specialized engineer support and training, and creation of use cases through co-development.

Collaborating with startups in Japan and abroad, Fujitsu aims to co-create CaaS use cases in various fields including Web 3.0, healthcare, manufacturing and logistics. In order to further enhance and accelerate the creation of the startup ecosystem through CaaS, Fujitsu will collaborate with startup support organizations around the world that serve as a hub connecting startups and businesses.

Figure 2: 12 startups currently participating in the program

Comments from the following 12 startups currently participating in this program and one startup support organization are provided at the facility.

  • Startups

    Anifie, Inc., GRID INC., HIKKY Co., Ltd., Infinite Foundry, Lda, Inc., Kashika, Inc., KOGASOFTWARE Inc., Kyoto Fusioneering Ltd., Japan Research Activity Support, Inc., Pocket RD Inc. Qubit Pharmaceuticals, SAS, Waylay NV
  • startup support organization

    Unknown Group BV


PDFComments from startups (in alphabetical order) and startup support organization

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Date: October 25 2022

city: Tokyo, Japan

a company: Fujitsu Ltd.

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