Forget about Star Wars Fatigue, ‘Andor’ is one of the best shows of 2022

There is one scene in Episode 7 From Andor that made me reeling.

It starts out weird. Cassian Andor, our titular hero, after carrying out an impossible heist on the Galactic Empire, was doing what any rational criminal would do in the aftermath: celebrate in what can only be described as “Space Ibiza”. Waking up at night, relaxing on the beach by day. The alien atmospheres of the universe are usually contacted by space wizards who fill it with laser swords.

While lounging, a Stormtrooper stops Cassian – a bystander in an entirely new and separate crime in which he was not involved – and is immediately interrogated, accused of participating in a crime he has only witnessed.

Almost anyone who watches this scene interviewed by a rogue cop has a stomach node. Polite and outspoken, Cassian frantically tries to avoid trouble as he gets entangled in a calculated series of guiding questions, resulting in him being imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit. It is a sight brutal and bewildering in its honesty. What at first seems like a parody slowly turns into something terrifying. The outcome seems frustratingly inevitable: This is what happens when you allow a outbreak to thrive without recourse.

The KX robot looms over Cassian on the beach promenade in Andorra

Cassian’s first encounter with the Imperial KX robot is not fun at all.

Lucas Film

It’s funny, but Andor – a secondary show that focuses on a character from a secondary movie – is literally the first “thing” in Star Wars. This showed us that the Galactic Empire is a truly fascist regime and that, at its roots, Very bad. In a world where the bad guys are supposed to be space Nazis, that’s kind of weird.

But that’s also why Andor continues to be a surprisingly excellent TV show. If you haven’t already watched it, you should totally watch it. It rules.

Andor rules because he’s a show that’s obsessed with the little things in his universe. Star Wars has always been about mega-events, gigantic space battles with galaxy-changing consequences. But at no time in any Star Wars movie did I get a real sense of what Luke Skywalker and Co. was. they fight for it; Or what the rebels were rebelling against.

Darth Vader was bad because he was dressed in black and choking on men. This is it. On the other hand, the emperor had a pale and innate appearance and creepy laughter. Sure, these people blew up planets and slaughtered the little ones, but that’s the evil stuff of mummering. In Andor, the villain is the slow, humble creep of Fascism, and that makes the show one of the most compelling things Disney has produced since it acquired the Star Wars license in 2012.

Unmistakable silhouette of black helmeted bad guy, Darth Vader in Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney Plus.

Nice to take a break from this guy.

Disney Plus

It’s a show obsessed with the little things, the grinding details. We see apartment buildings, wrecked robots, and frustrated mothers eating dinner with their adult children. We watch the effects of bureaucracy at work, dirty little business meetings, and office sessions. We watch families squabble over breakfast, agonize over guest lists and generally engage in the trifles of daily existence. Oddly enough, it’s wonderful.

Star Wars has often been criticized for its obsession with filling in gaps in its own timeline and making the once-large universe seem small. Build the universe in different andor. It relates to small details in a way that makes the Star Wars universe feel authentically lived in. By weaving the stories of these less important characters into the grand narrative, we sense the sheer scale of the broader conflicts. This isn’t a Star Wars story, it’s just a story from a small part that takes place somewhere in this universe. that’s cool.

But beyond those basic concepts, Andor is simply a good show in nearly every aspect of its production. It looks great, it’s well written. Not a single line of dialogue feels exhausting or clumsy. It’s packed with a number of premium offerings, too.

Dennis Gough – who plays Dedra Meero, a member of the Imperial Security Bureau – brilliantly captures corporate anxiety about high-stakes meetings where one wrong word can lead to the loss of your job. And the, As this tweet states:There is no crime I would not commit if Stellan Skarsgård asked me bluntly if I wanted to “fight these bastards for real”.

Andor takes Star Wars to a place like never before. It feels more like a John le Carrey novel with explosives than a space opera. And as a person literally once Finish a Star Wars Essay/Deception with Words“That’s enough to thank Star Wars,” it’s a welcome change.

If you, like me, find yourself exhausted by the exploits of Luke Skywalker and Co. I urge you to reconsider. Andor, aside from Star Wars baggage, is one of the best shows of 2022. I’m as surprised as anyone.

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