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While most of the NBA’s offseason have wrapped up with boot camps just weeks away, many quality veterans are still available as free agents. Go back five years, and the list will be exceptional.

Unfortunately, time got the best of all previous superstars. Most franchises would rather try to develop a younger player with potential rather than use a valuable place in the roster of veteran players.

Let’s discuss where top free agents might land.

There is no shortage of experienced guards

The majority of teams already have at least two key guards expected to play the lion’s share of minutes, with the younger third to develop as a possibility.

The Los Angeles Lakers have three veterans Russell Westbrook, Patrick Beverly and Kendrick Noone, but that could change if the franchise decides to move Westbrook via commerce. for every Mark SteinThe Lakers can be reunited Dennis Schroeder “Depending on how the rest of their roster develops.”

All that went south between Schroeder and the Lakers over the course of 2020-21 was the water under the bridge. It’s a known number and probably the best free proxy available. The Lakers don’t need him to be around, but if the Westbrook deal does pass that also costs Team Nunn, the Beverley and Schröder pairing makes sense. The team could also try sophomore guard Austin Reeves at this point.

It is also worth noting that Eric Bledsoe He is with Klutch Sports’ Rich Paul, who represents several Lakers, including LeBron James and Anthony Davis. At around 33, Bledsoe hasn’t looked particularly productive in the last two seasons.

The Charlotte Hornets started the LaMelo Ball and Terry Rozier but they don’t have a third spot on the list. Isaiah Thomas filled that role last season and could still come back. Other options could include Bledsoe, Elfred Payton or even DJ Augustin, who started his career in 2008 with distinction. Among those listed, Thomas is the best scorer, Payton is the best defender and Augustin is the strongest player.

Last year, Jalen Bronson and Spencer Dinwiddy both played important minutes for the Dallas Mavericks. Bronson left in free agency for the New York Knicks, leaving an open spot in the rotation. Luka Doncic (or newbie Jaden Hardy) might take those minutes.

The Mavericks, like most teams, may wait to evaluate their roster first. With enough experienced veterans in the free agent market (or perhaps through trade), Dallas likely won’t be in a rush to add another guard.

The Phoenix Suns earned Payton as the third point behind Chris Paul and Cameron Payne. Unless the franchise thinks two-way guard Duane Washington Jr. has that cover, Phoenix can still include another player on the roster.

The San Antonio Spurs haven’t replaced Dejounte Murray (who traded with the Atlanta Hawks) with a veteran but may want to focus entirely on player development.

Another name to watch is Kimba Walker, which the Detroit Pistons are expected to give up before the start of the season (except for an unexpected deal). Walker, just one year after averaging 19.3 points per game for the Boston Celtics, may not get more than the minimum bid if the Pistons free him.

Other options available for the backend: Lou Williams, Rajon Rondo and Ryan Arsidicono

Lots of former top stars

Experience and size can be found in a free agency in previous All-Stars such as Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin, DeMarcus Cousins, LaMarcus Aldridge And the Paul Millsap. Other veterans like Tristan Thompson And the Hassan Whiteside Also available.

The Boston Celtics own Al Horford and Robert Williams III. They also have Luke Kornet hoping to make the team with a $300,000 guarantee. If it’s not Cornette, Boston may need some help up front, but that decision may not come until halfway through the season.

Both Griffin and Aldridge were at the Brooklyn Nets last season. Either could come back, but the Nets seem intent on using Ben Simmons and Nick Claxton to positions of power.

The Los Angeles Clippers are light behind Ivica Zwiback, with forwards Marcus Morris Sr., Robert Covington and Nicholas Patom as potential options behind Zwiback. The Clippers might wait to see what Moses Brown could do in the role before considering a veteran.

The Miami Heat may count on Pam Adebayo as their centerpiece, with Dewayne Deadmon behind him. However, the team does not have a clear starting power forward to replace PJ Tucker. Does Heat on rookie Nikola Jovic play a significant role? Griffin is the only one who looks fit, but Miami might try Jimmy Butler up front before signing on for extra help.

Do Portland Trail Blazers on Drew Eubanks Support Yusuf Nurkic? A pencil in the centerpiece of about 20 games if Portland finds he’s undersized. If not for a Whiteside reunion (he averaged 15.5 points, 13.5 rebounds and 2.9 blocks in the 2019-20 game with the Blazers), maybe Howard would fit in?

Other big characters available: Greg Munro, Ed Davis

very few wings

Carmelo Anthony It’s the top spot on the slender list of potentially influential suites. The former All-Star can still shoot and average double figures on the bench role. While the Celtics could use the scoring forward to replace Danilo Gallinari (knee), they are not interested in Anthony. Brian Rub From Mass Live.

The Lakers have more important issues to solve first, but don’t write them off completely. Los Angeles made efforts to bring in younger, sportier players, but the team still lacked shooting (on paper at least).

according to the athlete, the Golden State Warriors keep an open roster for Andre Iguodala, whose career is nearing an end. He can still provide value in leadership and part-time play for current champions.

While the Hornets seem intent on bringing Miles Bridges back, he faces Domestic violence and child abuse charges And he may not be on the NBA’s radar next season.

Others available: Wayne Ellington, Ben McLemore, Jeremy Lamb, Avery Bradley, Lance Stephenson

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