Elijah Moore will not play against the Broncos amid the Jets’ trade demand

Elijah Moore, a disgruntled recipient, returned to the Jets training facility on Friday, a day after the clockA trade request due to his non-participation in the team’s violation.

Coach Robert Salih announced decisively on Friday, before training at Florham Park, that the Gates’ 2021 second-round pick will not play Sunday against the Broncos in Denver.

“It’s part of what we deal with every day. We’ve had our discussions with Elijah, but trading it is not an option,” Saleh said, adding that Moore was “in the building” for rehearsals, but not attending meetings. “He will be joining the team again on Monday.”

The 22-year-old Moore got into an argument with offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur and Saleh sent him home on Thursday for what the team initially described as a “personal day” after expressing dissatisfaction with his role last Sunday in 27 Jets. -10 win over the Packers. Moore, who has had no goals in Green Bay, has 16 receptions for 203 yards and no touchdowns in six games this season.

Elijah Moore #8 of the New York Jets completes a reception during the first quarter.
Elijah Moore requested a deal on Thursday.
Charles Wenselberg/New York Post

“From my point of view, whether we agree or not, it doesn’t matter, but to ask him to play a football match where he is from a mental point of view would not be fair to him in my opinion, but that is entirely my decision,” Saleh said.

Moore’s trade request was ill-timed and his mental state was discussed after the Gates won their third game in a row to improve the surprise 4-2 result as they entered their visit to Denver on Sunday. Saleh can’t imagine Moore’s absence to distract his rookie team.

Saleh said, “I realized this might sound bad, but this part of it is part of what we’re going through, and part of the job. But I’m going to stand by that young man every day of the week and know exactly where he is, where he has to go, and where I know he’s going.”

Moore is, for now, not going anywhere before the November 1 trading deadline, just as the organization decided when third-year recipient Denzel Mims requested a deal in August. Saleh said Mims will be active for the first time this season on Sunday against the Broncos.

The organization had high hopes during pre-season for Moore, who was not made available to the media on Friday. He beat off a slow start as a rookie to make 34 of 43 receptions in his last six games last year before suffering a four-way injury at the end of the season in December.

But the addition of Draft No. 10 overall Garrett Wilson to the receiver pool that includes veterans Cory Davis and Braxton Berrios, and the appearance of freshman running back Bryce Hall, has made it more difficult to retain all the skilled players exponentially. .

“If I say what I really want to say… I’ll be the selfish guy… We are [are] the win. Thankful! Big blessing! Everything I could wish for. [Bitter] Sweet to me…but I’ll be tough. So I will stay calm. Just know I don’t get it either,” Moore posted Sunday on Twitter.

He has since deleted this tweet, as well as some of the encrypted tweets he posted after being sent home on Thursday, one of which read: “God makes no mistake…I trust you through it…”

Year two quarterback Zach Wilson confirmed earlier this week that “it’s not like I’m not trying to throw it in.” [Moore] On purpose, explaining that he went 10 for 18 against the Packers because the Jets successfully run the ball 33 times for 179 yards.

“The trade deadline will pass here next week, and from there, it will be a choice to hit your head and grind and work and do the things you are good at or not do,” Saleh said. “This is for everyone in the team, and that is for me as a coach.

“And I know Elijah, and Elijah will nod his head. He will work as he does all the time, just as he goes into this weekend, the work he will do. I am not worried about him from that point of view. He is not a bad kid.”

Even if he was clearly left out this weekend.

Additional reporting by Brian Costello

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