Dump the discourse on the Internet about “bodies are objects”

“Your rating was great, maybe if you take your eyes off my breast you can watch the movie!”

Three lines, 19 words. Poetry, arguably at its best in the 21st century: the Instagram DM. Amandla Stenberg Hamlet could have been written, but Shakespeare certainly wouldn’t have written this. Just one or two short syllables of a haiku, but with a clear intent embedded in the distinct syllables—the innocent opening; sudden traumatic torsion of the second line; The closing feeling that kills me every time. As a film critic, perhaps if she had actually “watched the movie”, none of this would have happened. The real kicker is that she knew exactly how it was going to turn out – she didn’t know it would backfire terribly.

Film critic Saeed Ho Lena Wilson, a columnist for the prestigious New York Times, you may have heard of it? Well, a month ago, you definitely hadn’t heard of it. After a scathing review of the comedy and horror flick for A24″Bodies Bodies and BodiesWilson took to Twitter in a now-deleted post for his release This infamous private message From actress Amandla Stenberg, who stars in the film. shock! Rage! An inevitable controversy ensued! But let’s get more context. On its own, Stenberg’s baffling letter is meaningless, reading like a surprising and deeply insulting reaction to a critic just trying to do his job—something that Wilson has clearly benefited from. If you haven’t read her paid-for-wall review, you may not be familiar with the specific line that Steinberg clearly addressed and was alluding to directly: the line in which Wilson called the film “95 Minutes Trailer For A Split And Charlie XCX’s Latest Single. Not a good look, to say the least (to say the least, Charli XCX’s single “Hot Girl” is pop and has responded to drama in about The best possible way).

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