Dave Woodhead: 10 Funniest Things I’ve Seen (Online) | comedy

TThe Internet can be used for many things. It can be used to spread misinformation. It can be used to bully your classmates from the comfort of your own home. Or you can buy uranium on the dark web. But it can also be a valid laugh. Here are some of the funniest things I’ve seen on the Internet.

1. Aunty Donna: Stand Up to Bullying

Everyone discovers Aunty Donna the same way. It will be around 1am to 3am and you can’t sleep. Instead of drinking a cup of tea and trying to count some sheep, you decide to let the father’s algorithm take you for a walk. After hours of reaction videos and video articles about the hidden meaning of Family Guy and conspiracy theories (I an act I think Avril Lavigne is a copy, for the record), stumbling across the undisputed kings of Australian comedy.

Even though they’re pretty familiar names these days, with a great show on Netflix under their belts, and an upcoming show on ABC (about the damn time), the best boys stuff still lives up to its huge success. Youtube Channel. The Cream of the Crop is, in my humble opinion, the classic “Stand Up to Bullying.” This is my classic Aunt Donna, a no-nonsense madness. Plus, Broden’s yell “Fuck you bitch” would never fail to get me a laugh.

2. Gilly and Keeves: Sleep Cop

Gilly and Caves is a sketch duo featuring stand-up comedians Shane Gillis and John McIver. This drawing contains a very simple concept: what if a police officer walked asleep? I think the genius of this is how they keep the tension rising. It keeps building and building until it reaches the boiling point. Fair warning, this sketch has gotten a little hot in terms of content – but if you’re a true connoisseur of internet sketch comedy like me, Jelly and Caves are definitely a tasty treat.

3. Slingshot prank

Oh baby, love me a good joke. I love them with all my heart. But something happened to internet pranks…stop pranks, man! They become behaving terribly “social experiments” (such as This classic game of King Joy’s salad) their viewers muttered “I’ve lost all hope in humanity” to themselves as they ignore their children for wasting their lives getting into fights on Facebook.

But don’t be fooled: There are still some hacky pranks on the web, like this classic. What really tickles me about this joke is the desperation you see in the man’s face as he gets shot into the sky. He is resigned to his fate while his life flashes before his eyes. All his regrets, all his successes, his first love, his first heartbreak; Everyone consumes his thoughts before he ascends to heaven. You might think I read too much in this seven-second video, and that’s why I say: you just don’t read it enough.

4. Fergie’s Stroller

Fergie is the greatest performer of God’s green earth blessing ever. The screaming, the one-handed wheel, the fact that she didn’t do it once, not twice… but four times! Fergie had no reason to go through the difficult task of performing in the morning. But thank God I did.

5. Rey Mysterio – Champion

Well, there’s nothing inherently funny about this video, but for some context: As a kid, I was a huge fan of WWE (I still am). I had action figures, video games, and I even had CDs with all of the wrestlers’ entry paths. Shout out to my mom for having the restraint for not picking up my copy of Wreckless Intent — if my kid played Batista (the classic Saliva’s I Walk Alone) in a 24-hour episode, I’d throw the CD player and my son into the ocean. But I digress. What really amazes me about this video is that the 60,000 views of this video consist mainly of 8-year-olds and emotionally stunted men thinking, “Wow…that’s epic.” And frankly, they are not wrong. It’s a heroic act!

6. Drake Cake

drake cake pic.twitter.com/mBbtNNys4L

— fucked up looking food (@fuckedupfoods) September 6, 2022


fuckedupfood has to be my favorite Twitter account at the moment. I spend hours of my days browsing their page. Some of my personal favorites are the peanut butter and tomato sauce sandwich, and some sausage and mash where the mashed potatoes were made with chocolate milk. If you need confirmation that God is truly dead, this Twitter account is for you.

With that being said, there’s something helpful about a Drake fan trying to make a cake inspired by the cover of Drake’s Nothing Was The Same. As sure, the cake looks horrible and inedible, but it was made with love! Isn’t that the most important thing?

7. Boonk Gang

2018 was the year of influence. Gaining Internet influence was more important than breathing fresh air. Many influence stalkers have been pulling insane stunts in their quest for 15 minutes of fame, but no influence stalker can hold a candle to the mind-boggling stunts that Punk pulled. If you haven’t seen Boonk Gang before, his deceptive technique is pretty simple: Boonk will walk into an establishment and steal something and then run away shouting “Boonk Gang, a whole lot of shit.” Although I personally don’t endorse any of Punk’s actions, I would be lying if I said I hadn’t scanned apples like onions at Wally’s and muttered softly to myself a “complete gang crap.”

8. This is how you eat a Big Mac

the curse. This one hurts the most for all we know, we’ve been eating a Big Mac wrong our whole lives and Fatboy SSE just wanted to show us what’s wrong with our ways. But now we’ll never know, because before the Fatboy SSE sinks his teeth into this delicious meatball, his so-called friend yanked the burger out of his hand…a big shame.

Also, this video is solely responsible for the summer 2018 “take off my shirt and scream ‘come son'” era.

9. Dan Rath’s Late Comedy

Stand-up comedy is my first and true love. I always go to the rabbit hole on YouTube to find new comedians. But one of the tracks I always come back to is Dan Rath comedy late set. Rath is one of the best comedies that Australia has ever produced. Just watch it. you will not regret it.

10. Butterfield Diet Plan

The first time I saw this, I was hanging out with some post-show comics. We were all on the couch playing videos on TV. Then my friend Nick asked a question that changed my life forever: “Have you seen the Butterfield Diet?”

“No,” I answered innocently, unaware that my world was about to be turned upside down.

The writing on this drawing is crazy. Do not waste sentence. He keeps telling you jokes at such a fast pace that it’s hard to keep up. This video is so funny, that when Nick put it up, I thought I was going to die. I thought I was having a heart attack. Don’t go overboard with the video or anything else, but if you don’t see your life flashing before your eyes while watching this, comedy is probably not for you.

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