Davante Adams of the Fresno Raiders Honored, NASCAR Race

The Raiders may have had a week of farewell as a team, but star-level receiver Davante Adams didn’t quite take the weekend off.

Adams returned to campus in Fresno Saturday night for his shirt retirement party before returning to Las Vegas on Sunday to be the honorary South Point 400 speed car driver.

He was joined by his teammate and close friend Derek Carr for the first event. Carr, who played with Adams at Fresno State and retired in 2017, showed up with his family to honor Adams on Saturday night.

“He loves surprises, and he shocked me with that,” said Adams, who spoke briefly with reporters on the field after the ceremony. “I didn’t know he was coming, so it was great to be able to come here and see my man, even for a minute before he gets out of there. … I obviously see him every day now, but to him making the trip means a lot.” “.

According to media reports in Fresno, Adams was scheduled to hold a press conference before the game. But he was unable to attend due to mechanical issues on his flight, and there was only time for three questions in the field after the ceremony because the third quarter was due to start.

He was not asked about, nor addressed, assault brought against for him In Kansas City after last week’s game against The Chiefs when he shoved a photographer as he was leaving the field.

The Raiders were waiting for word on any disciplinary action from the league, but the NFL confirmed a report on Sunday that indicated that The decision may be delayed Even after the end of legal proceedings in court.

That means Adams should be available when he hosts the Texas Raiders on Sunday at Allegiant Stadium as he and Carr look to build 124 yards, a touchdown effort in the loss to the Chiefs.

They started building that chemistry during their record career in Fresno State and now their numbers are hanging next to each other on the field.

Adams, who wore his 15th in college, was thrilled to become the ninth player in program history to retire with his jersey.

“It means the world to me, honestly,” he said. “I’ve put in a lot of work over 10 years ago. Being able to come here and see my name there in the company I work for is amazing. I don’t take this lightly. I don’t take the love I get from these fans and the Fresno community lightly. It means a lot to me. I try not to be too emotional here because honestly, it’s a lot. But it feels great.”

In two college seasons, Adams picked up 233 passes for 3,031 yards and 38 touchdowns.

He became one of the NFL’s top receivers during his nine seasons in the league, but he said there were moments when he started to realize he was no longer a kid in the game.

“Some players came to the league and say they saw my tape growing up,” he said on Saturday of young players listing his name as their favourite. This makes me a little older than I really am. But it feels great. It shows I’m doing some good things to give the guys and guys in college something good to watch and something good to follow up on afterwards. So that’s all I’m trying to do is keep going and keep making them proud.”

Adams is back in Las Vegas to drive the fast car for Sunday’s race and everyone was smiling at the event.

He even took some ribbing from driver Bubba Wallace, who posted a selfie of himself and Adams on social media.

“I was promptly pushed after this photo,” Wallace joked in the caption.

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