Are we going to shock prices?

Photo: Sony Der Artikel kann nur mit aktiviertem JavaScript dargestellt werden. Bitte aktiviere JavaScript in deinem Browser und lade die Seite neu. Playstation VR 2 is the next generation VR system. PS5 accessories can be expensive accordingly. Especially in these times. Now, we know roughly All about Playstation VR. We know the design and specifications … Read more

How body-based therapies relieve stress and anxiety

Source: Alexpunker / iStockphoto When you feel stressed, anxious, or I got burnedYou generally think of the thoughts and feelings associated with these phenomena as “mental.” That’s why we talk about “mental” health and that’s why we focus on the brain when we think about eliminating these uncomfortable states of existence. Countless studies have shown … Read more

Opinion: The metaverse can be transformative, but it’s a legal and ethical minefield

An immersive and always-on experience, the metaverse is the fusion of blockchain, virtual reality, augmented reality, mobile and computer technologies. Large amounts of money are invested, and More than 160 companies Compete to build the most popular metaverse across industries as diverse as gaming, commerce, real estate, entertainment, social media, health, education, and government. Governments … Read more

How Swarm AI and VR Will Open Collaboration in Metaverse

in 2022 Enhanced World Expo in Santa Clara, unanimous AI And the agora world Announced an exciting partnership to bring the Swarm software environment to the Metaverse. This partnership allows users within Agora World to amplify their collective intelligence to produce more accurate predictions, reach better decisions, and improve collaboration in virtual environments. From students … Read more

How a suburban hospital uses virtual reality for stroke rehabilitation

David Gerfen slips on a headset and finds himself in a food truck, tasked with putting together a made-to-order cheese and tomato sandwich. When transferred to another virtual environment, Jervin has to use one hand to deflect a blue ball towards him like a throwing machine across a green field. Gervin, 80, is not an … Read more

Smith + Nephew Academy expands global access to professional medical education through virtual reality and other advanced simulation technologies

London And the September 21 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Smith + Nephew (LSE: SN, NYSE: SNN), the global medical technology company, announced today that it is expanding its medical education curriculum through a suite of advanced simulation technologies. Healthcare professionals can now easily access training in basic procedural skills for orthopedics, robotics and sports medicine using … Read more

Match made in virtual reality

In late December 2021, Dr. Roy Magnuson, Associate Professor of Music Composition and Creative Technology at Wonsook Kim College of Fine Arts, reached out to Craig Jackson, Director of Infrastructure and Network Operations in the Office of Technology Solutions, regarding a class. He was planning to teach during the first half of Spring 2022. The … Read more

Apple wins patent for a scene camera system for a mixed reality headset that includes a 2D array of cameras

Today, the US Patent and Trademark Office has officially granted Apple a patent for a new HMD camera system that includes a two-dimensional array of cameras that take pictures of specific parts of a scene. Today, the US Patent and Trademark Office has officially granted Apple a patent for a new HMD camera system that … Read more