solve the puzzle! Weird stone balls are for an ancient Greek board game!

Mysterious ancient stone balls found across the settlements of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas may have been used in a prehistoric board game! A new study, aided by artificial intelligence (AI), examined features shared across 700 stones believed to be 3,600 and 4,500 years old, found in the Bronze Age town. Akrotiri On the volcanic … Read more

Top 5 news of the week

Were you unable to attend Transform 2022? Check out all the Summit sessions in our on-demand library now! Watch here. We know you’re busy and may not have time to check out VentureBeat every day – although we think you should – so every week we give this look at the week’s most popular stories. … Read more

Digital Domains A Quantum Leap Artificial Intelligence – fxguide

Nearly 30 years after leaving the air, the classic series Quantum Leap returns. The original show aired between 1989-1993, starring Scott Bakula as Dr. Sam Beckett, a physicist who involuntarily jumps through space-time during experiments in time travel. By temporarily taking the place of others to correct what he discovers are historical errors. The new … Read more

Study finds Eyenuk AI detects diabetic retinopathy with much greater sensitivity than ophthalmologists’ expanding tests

Academic leaders will review their experience with technology during a symposium at AAO 2022, the annual meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology ChicagoAnd the September 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — From the 126th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO 2022), Eyenuk, Inc. Global Artificial Intelligence (AI) Digital Health, a leader in real-world … Read more

Baseimmune makes future-proof vaccines using artificial intelligence

Baseimmune is using artificial intelligence (AI) to design vaccines that can protect against future variants of infectious diseases including COVID-19 and malaria. Big data has taken off in the last decade, with massive improvements in bioinformatics, data science, and artificial intelligence. These advances allow researchers to store and process more and more data generated by … Read more

Experts warn of impact of AI assistants on children’s social development

proverbs Google Assistant And the Alexa They’ve been on the receiving end of privacy concerns for a while now, and yet they continue to make their way inside millions of homes. But it appears that it may also have a detrimental effect on children’s development when it comes to their psychosocial development and the acquisition … Read more

Federal leaders face AI workforce challenges, invest in skills development – MeriTalk

Federal IT leaders seeking to expand the government’s use of artificial intelligence (AI) face significant challenges in the workforce, with the vast majority saying their tech teams lack critical AI skills, according to new MeriTalk. Research. In a survey of 150 federal tech decision-makers familiar with AI, MeriTalk found that 87 percent say their organization’s … Read more

Transparent AI: Paving the way for better IVF outcomes

The formation of the family is one of the most natural developments in life, it fundamentally sustains our collective future since the beginning of time. Family structures are formed in unique configurations but the desire to nurture, nurture and love the child is universal. The extraordinary elements that must completely collide to create life is … Read more