NASCAR Barometer: Riddick defeats treacherous Texas

Texas Motor Speedway threw it all in front of the NASCAR Cup Series drivers and teams on Sunday. The hottest race the series has ever seen was at the track, plagued by high-speed tire failures, even with weather delays to increase obstacles. Drivers and teams struggled to keep their cars under them in hot and … Read more

Villeneuve aims for NASCAR but still hopes to achieve a legendary record

For a driver who has won the Formula 1 World Championship and won the Indy 500 in his back pocket, there’s not much Jacques Villeneuve needs on his motorsport resume – but the 1997 champion is eager to return to racing full-time in 2023. Which tournament did he choose? NASCAR Cup Series. In his first … Read more

Miller dominates, Bagnaia crashes on the last lap

Miller hasn’t had a win since last year’s French Grand Prix, snatched the lead on lap three and walked away to his first win of the season. It was an intimidating race for the three main contenders for the championship, with Fabio Quartararo and Bagnaia both struggling for the level while Alex Espargaro had to … Read more

These four drivers will be next to the exit

Get rid of the few points Christopher BellAnd William Byron and Alex Bowman have harvested the past three weeks, and the second stage of the NASCAR Cup Series The qualifiers are strikingly similar to the first figure. Then, factor in that Talladega is the only one of the three tracks on this tour to have … Read more

Harrison Burton hosts NASCAR Documentary Series

GT Harrison Burton greets fans at the Michigan International Highway. USA networkThe race for the championship“Many drivers highlighted, such as Kyle Bush and Joey Lugano. non-veteran Harrison Burton Among this group, take the opportunity to provide a fresh look at NASCAR. Burton, son of Jeff Burton, is no stranger to cameras. He’s been around them … Read more

“I wish Kyle (Bush) or Tyler (Redick) would play ‘Take This Job & Shove It’!” – Freddy Kraft and others can’t contain their laughter in Bristol NASCAR songs

Just like WWE wrestlers, NASCAR drivers have their intro songs as well, but only in Bristol. Obviously, the choice of Tyler Riddick in Bristol shocked the fans and caused them to burst into laughter. But it would be much funnier if Kyle Bush played it. But you won’t believe what happened. Ads The article continues … Read more

Red Farmer: Still racing and winning at almost 90

Call Toyota Racing Development Head Kyle BushPlay-off canceled due to engine failure in Bristol, “The worst nightmare imaginable for me personally and our team. “Kyle Bush has cost us a shot at his third championship,” David Wilson told NBC Sports on Tuesday. Bush was eliminated in the opening round After suffering an engine failure in … Read more