Sockeloen’s €1,000 socks are the ‘fastest socks on the planet’

Annemiek van Vleuten’s World Championship victory was an impressive display of tenacity and a perfectly timed attack. World title, broken elbow, and incredible tenacity aside, Van Vleuten’s stockings were another high point in deciding the elite women’s world title – pun intended – that landed the new world champion with a CHF200 fine. Coincidentally, we’ve … Read more

Martin Schmidt, the father of the false stars, has died at the age of 92

The astronomer mourned the death of Dutch-American astronomer Martin Schmidt, the first person to measure the distance to the quasar. His pioneering work in the 1960s greatly expanded the size of the known universe, providing one of the first clues to the validity of the Big Bang theory. Schmidt died on September 17 at his … Read more

Raise a Bottle: Maison Mumm champagne to fly on Axiom Space missions

September 23, 2022 – Champagne specially developed for the microgravity environment of outer space has found its journey into Earth’s orbit. Maison Mumm, one of the world’s largest champagne producers, has partnered with human spaceflight company Axiom Space to launch Mumm Cordon Rouge Stellar, “the first champagne bottle and tasting experience designed for space travel.” … Read more

Why is there still hope for our planet

This year, the world population will exceed eight billion. Nature faces enormous challenges, mainly because humans are consuming more than the planet can handle. At the same time, when we must work together across borders to solve these challenges, humans still squabble over politics, religion, commerce, and land, just as we have done for thousands … Read more