Diamonds from 660 kilometers below the Earth’s surface reveal a water-rich environment: ScienceAlert

Deep below the surface of our world, beyond our feeble reach, mysterious processes grind and sway. Every now and then, Earth unleashes clues to its nature: tiny chthonic diamonds encasing a skate of rare minerals. From these little bits we can extract tidbits of information about our planet’s interior. A diamond recently discovered in a … Read more

Dozens of newly discovered gravitational lenses can reveal ancient galaxies and the nature of dark matter

Gravitational lens images from an AGEL survey. The images are centered on the foreground galaxy and include the name of the object. Each panel includes the confirmed distance to the foreground galaxy (zdef) and the far background galaxy (zsrc). Credit: Kim-Vy H. Tran et al, Astronomical Journal (2022). DOI: 10.3847 / 1538-3881 / ac7da2 Earlier … Read more

A ‘strong solution’: Activists push to make environmental genocide an international crime | environment

California winemaker Julia Jackson has long recognized the threats posed by the ongoing global climate change crisis, from intense wildfires and hurricanes to rising sea levels. But for her, those thoughts went from the abstract to the tangible for her The house has been destroyed From the Kinkade wildfire that devastated her hometown of Sonoma … Read more

Sockeloen’s €1,000 socks are the ‘fastest socks on the planet’

Annemiek van Vleuten’s World Championship victory was an impressive display of tenacity and a perfectly timed attack. World title, broken elbow, and incredible tenacity aside, Van Vleuten’s stockings were another high point in deciding the elite women’s world title – pun intended – that landed the new world champion with a CHF200 fine. Coincidentally, we’ve … Read more

Looking for fertility treatment? With eggs and sperm now able to be stored for half a century, here’s what you should know.

TThe UK government has just extended the period in which gametes (eggs and sperm) and embryos can be stored Ten years to 55 years. Although this change will likely be welcomed by people who want fertility treatment, it could have important implications for egg and sperm donors. An increasing number of people in the UK … Read more