Should you keep your adult children on your health insurance

Seems like a no-brainer: Keep your adult children on your health insurance plan until they turn 26 to help them save on some medical costs. But like most health decisions, it’s not that simple. With open enrollment for many Americans looming, now is the time to research whether getting your adult children to skip paying … Read more

Friends, lawyers and family remember Peter Antonacci at Tallahassee memorial

Many of Florida’s top elected officials, prominent lawyers, lobbyists and judges gathered on Monday to remember Peter Antonacci, A high-ranking government official responsible for several state governors. Antonacci died suddenly late last month. Both are ruler. Ron DeSantis The US Senator. Rick Scott He joined the group at Florida State University’s Alumni Center to honor … Read more

Purina is partnering with DOGTV and Spot Pet Insurance to offer privileges to pet lovers

Purina Certified Partner Program kicks off with dog enrichment content from DOGTV and pet insurance offers Street. LouisAnd the October 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Pet experts at Purina partnered with DOGTV And the Instant pet insurance To offer exclusive privileges to dog and cat owners in the United States. With Purina fan-exclusive offers, pet owners … Read more

For those in their twenties, there’s a confusing rite of passage: Finding health insurance

Just before Cal Trechler’s 26th birthday in June, he was faced with a common challenge to something a 20-something lucky enough to have parents with health insurance: he had to drop their plan and find his own coverage. Trichler, who lives near Minneapolis, cannot obtain health insurance through his employer, a small financial planning firm. … Read more

Measuring a patient’s job is a significant obstacle to finding fair wages after acute

As an advisory board in Congress wrestles with how to subject all post-acute providers to a single payment system, the use of self-reported data continues to cast doubt on the ability to accurately measure patient outcomes. Members of the Medicare Payments Advisory Committee on Thursday directed staff to continue evaluating the proposed potential payment system … Read more