Documentary explores the history of asylum for black patients

By Michael Martz, Richmond Times-Dispatch PETERSBURG, Virginia (AFP) – When the American Psychiatric Association celebrated its 175th anniversary three years ago in San Francisco, two pictures of two people surfaced. Virginia The mental institutions which contributed to its birth – what are now Eastern State Hospitals and Western State Hospitals. Also participating in the exhibition … Read more

Unexpected expenses and lifelong care

Content sponsored by CareCredit Nearly half of pet parents in the United States underestimate the cost of lifelong care for their four-legged companions.1 This means that millions of families are financially unprepared for the true cost of pet ownership. How can veterinary professionals help bridge this knowledge gap to reduce unexpected expense pressures on clients … Read more

Doubts loom for elderly people who lack insurance

By 2033, more than 11 million middle-income seniors aged 75 or older may not be able to afford to live or qualify for Medicaid to pay for their long-term care. These findings, published by NORC researchers at the University of Chicago in August, reinforce the need for Americans planning their future to consider options for … Read more

Zerodha boss sets employee fitness challenge; Announces a monthly bonus of $10

Financial services company Zerodha, which has encouraged its employees to focus on their health during the Covid 2020 pandemic, has now made fitness a norm. In the latest initiative, Zerodha President Nithin Kamath has set a new health challenge for employees to take time for exercise/exercise/sports activities. Zerodha employees will be given an option to … Read more

Can East meet West in medicine? Integration is a slow process

Liberian Joel Carnoen came to China two years ago to study Western medicine, but has now expanded her specialization to include traditional Chinese medicine. Now a graduate student at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Carnohayn is taking courses that integrate Chinese and Western medicine. “My clinical practice shows me that TCM improves blood flow … Read more

Over 80 behavioral health sites affected by $14 billion REIT deal

A real estate investment trust (REIT) that owns more than 80 behavioral health sites could go private in a staggering $14 billion deal. STOR Capital Corp. (NYSE: STOR) in Scottsdale, Arizona, announced that it has signed a private deal with Singapore-based global institutional investor GIC and alternative asset manager at Chicago Blue All Capital, the … Read more

At a crossroads over KEBS suspension of 10 cooking oils? Here are the alternatives

Do people really need cooking oil? [iStockphoto] Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) halted sale of 10 cooking fats Brands for non-compliance with the established standards. In a statement, KEBS said it ordered the recall to protect consumers from potentially unsafe products and to protect the economic interests of compliant brands. “This is not a trademark … Read more