Will Taylor Swift play the 2023 first half show?

When the NFL announced at midnight ET that Apple Music was the new sponsor of the Super Bowl Halftime Show, Swift-iverse went on to further speculate that Taylor Swift The performer will be: Announced at midnight, Taylor released her new music at midnight (like 99% of all major artists in the streaming era) and her … Read more

Bill Maher wants Democrats to stop talking about pregnant men

Bill Maher He shared his views on the most important issues of the day for nearly two decades on HBO’s “Real Time.” Now, with the new podcast”random clubComedian-turned-political commentator says: diverse He wants to “light up a joint” and talk about other things, like “gossip, pop culture, music, and what I had for lunch.” So … Read more

Chris Reed is leaving Saturday Night Live

Add Chris Reed To the list of veteran cast members who have walked away fromSaturday Night Live. “ Redd decided to go out NBCHis esteemed late-night show after five seasons on the show, he’s the latest member of what was one of the show’s biggest actors in recent memory to leave before its 48th season. … Read more