Six of the most misquoted movie lines ever

As a society, we love movies. From jaws to me star Wars, many famous titles will be discussed long after we leave this deadly dossier. Complemented by memorable stories, cinematography and performances, cinema has in many ways overshadowed novel and visual art as the primary means of communicating an idea or telling a good story, … Read more

Tāme Iti and the Art of Thriller

Allison Maw is a senior journalist at Stuff. Opinion: Journalists can generally talk for a minute or so on almost any topic, unless they have spent years covering a specialized area of ​​journalistic reporting. This is a joke that I often use to justify my lack of in-depth knowledge on various topics (sailing! grassland management! … Read more

Damien Hirst – Currency: Is setting fire to a multimillion-pound artwork a good idea? | Ents & Arts News

When he’s not keeping dead animals in formaldehyde or encasing skulls with diamonds, Damien Hirst is best known for his spots. Ostensibly, it appears to be a more innocent relationship, clusters of rainbow dots that make the beholder feel happy, rather than irritating that a shark pickled or chopped down the middle cow and calf, … Read more


Star Wars: Duel of Destinies It was Colin Trevorrow’s version of Episode 9 Before it became a movie Heavenly RiseAnd this artistic concept reveals how much different it is in its version! Heavenly Rise It was a huge disappointment and a movie that tried so hard to correct a file star Wars After Lucasfilm gave … Read more

All Marilyn Monroe films are exploitative. But the nightmarish blonde actually shows you inside her vagina

BLundAndrew Dominic’s new Netflix movie adds as much nuance to the idea of ​​Marilyn Monroe as it can be gleaned from a gynecological examination. The blockbuster star has long been established as a tragic figure, a woman who was abused by Hollywood studios, her husband, Joe Dimaggio, and her ailing mother as a child. Rather … Read more

The Christian School on State Street will be evacuated

A December 1 deadline was set to remove the art made by Ralfael Plesia, who died in August. (Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune) Christian School at 1324 S. State St. In Salt Lake City, Wednesday, June 29, 2022. Ralphael Plescia, the artist who created the solo collection of sculptures and paintings throughout the … Read more

The art world turns heads as Sotheby’s appoints Robert Pattinson as curator

It seems that Robert Pattinson is no more convincing as an honesty than as a vampire. Sotheby’s has selected the “Twilight” actor as the latest celebrity to sponsor an auction exhibit as part of a program called “Contemporary Curated.” Like Marina Abramovich, he went to the bachelor party. After in-house art website Artnet announced on … Read more