Six of the most misquoted movie lines ever

As a society, we love movies. From jaws to me star Wars, many famous titles will be discussed long after we leave this deadly dossier. Complemented by memorable stories, cinematography and performances, cinema has in many ways overshadowed novel and visual art as the primary means of communicating an idea or telling a good story, … Read more

Elton John cries as Biden surprises him with a medal at a concert

LONDON – British singer Elton John was torn and “astonished” after receiving a surprise National Humanities Medal by President Biden, following a concert at the White House Friday night. John, 75, born Reginald Kenneth Dwight, is an internationally acclaimed singer, pianist, and songwriter. He has also advocated for many charitable and humanitarian organizations, particularly those … Read more

Six books a music lover should read

Music, of all art forms, is uniquely connected to memory. It’s woven into the fabric of everyday life: Think of the mixtape you made for your first crush, the pop star whose posters were plastered in your teenage bedroom, the album that got you through your divorce, and the jam band that followed their cross-country … Read more

Netflix Tudum 2022: The biggest news and trailers

For the second year in a row, Netflix held a live event called Tudum to showcase some of the biggest upcoming movies, TV shows, and games. (Although the names are similar, this Tudum has nothing to do with the struggling fan site that Netflix also runs.) There were some notable absences from the 2022 release … Read more

Charles is ‘upset’ at the Queen’s decision to allow her assistant to write books about her life with the King | Royal | News

King Charles was said to be dismayed to learn that his mother had given her close assistant Angela Kelly permission to write a series of books focusing on her life with the Queen. Royal commentator Richard Kay called Her Majesty’s move “extraordinary” as he analyzed the late Queen’s close relationship with her designer. In a … Read more

Tāme Iti and the Art of Thriller

Allison Maw is a senior journalist at Stuff. Opinion: Journalists can generally talk for a minute or so on almost any topic, unless they have spent years covering a specialized area of ​​journalistic reporting. This is a joke that I often use to justify my lack of in-depth knowledge on various topics (sailing! grassland management! … Read more

Meghan Markle, the ‘difficult’ Duchess, has complained of ‘not getting paid’ for the royal tour, the book claims

the newYou can now listen to Fox News articles! After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, reconciliation between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle And the royal family is still uncertain. Before ‘Megxit’, royal insiders revealed that The Duchess of Sussex He displayed negative behavior toward staff and even forced Prince Harry to issue a statement … Read more