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Main Twitter The drama broke out on Monday (September 26) between Cardi B And the The fifth largest.

Tensions between the rappers seemed to stretch when Cardi began celebrating the music video for “”tomorrow 2Her new collaboration with GloRilla has crossed 6 million views on YouTube. When she realized the Big 5 was tweeting what seemed to be her latest achievement, the star started responding with tweets of her own, writing, “I don’t really like online games…dm S is open and so are the streets!” and “I don’t have to @ I can change a bi’s life just by pointing… and yes, I hit them head-on, I don’t do internet!!”

According to the tweets and screenshots, it appears Cardi reached out to Akbar and the two privately made things clear. However, the situation began to escalate again when they began exchanging insults and insults about having children, chart success and allegations of cheating, with the latter fueling rumors that Cardi’s husband replace It was He cheated on her with Saweetie. “I hate someone who throws rocks and hides their hands.. has been tweeting to me for months and now you want to talk about another woman as a shield. Stand your job-!!!” Cardi tweeted in response.


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At one point, Offset engaged in a back-and-forth, addressing Akbar’s claim that he called her by writing, “Bi – that’s not my number, why am I calling you when I’m already calling you a limp.” Akbar’s original tweet was deleted for violating system rules. Basic, apparently because she shared what she thought was Offset’s phone number. (“I’m going with Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” Akbar clapped again.)

Ultimately, Cardi saw that Akbar would try to capitalize on their ongoing feud on Twitter, tweeting: “Let’s guess what’s next…

Read a sample of Cardi and Akbar’s Twitter dispute below.

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