Candice Owens lashes out after criticizing Taylor Swift: video

Candice Owens, who was no stranger to being highly critical of her hot antics, is facing a backlash online this week after the release of a video attacking Taylor Swift’s music.

In the video titled Taylor Swift’s music is not goodtook Owens a full 8 minutes to criticize Swift’s supposed lack of artistic ability, “modern art” and even Queen Bey herself.

She claimed that artists like Swift are “too old to fail” and not only was she satisfied with Swift’s taunts, she decided to throw Beyoncé under the bus as well. Owens said Beyoncé’s latest album Renaissance It was “anything but a renaissance”.

New rapper and designer Ye’s BFF said that both artists – who both have rock history with Ye 🤔 – were simply riding their old popularity to promote their new projects.

“Like Beyoncé, she hasn’t had a good studio album in a while.”

“Taylor Swift’s last two or three albums were very bad objectively but she doesn’t know it because no one told her.”

Owens also had to condemn “modern art” in general — and not just defame Beyoncé and Swift’s music.

“Modern art is really bad. It’s terrible, actually. It’s not art at all.”

“What really is this massive effort to convince you that dog food is food. That’s what really happened now.”

The “porcelain urinal” comment came from the same way of thinking.

Owens cited a line from an article in Daily Art Magazine About technical installations related to the toilet entitled “Weird and Weird: The toilet as a work of art“Where the author discusses various toilet-based artworks and installations.

After quoting Swift’s words, she said:

“That’s supposed to be profound and we’re supposed to think about it. Of course, journalists like to call it vague and there are some deep messages in here.”

“So if you don’t get it, because you shouldn’t get it because it doesn’t make sense, the problem is actually you don’t see how deep the porcelain urinal goes—because this is a ceramic urinal for music.”

You can see Owens’ comment here:

Taylor Swift’s music is not

Twitter seemed to differ greatly with Owens.

Some questioned what metrics she was using to declare Swift’s music “objectively bad”.

Others recognized the trend of right-wing commentators piling up on Swift.

Some have questioned the timing of Owens’ video, given the recent announcement that Ye was acquiring the far-right social media app Parler — whose CEO was Owens’ husband George Farmer.

Even people who didn’t like Swift’s new album criticized Owens for taking her hot.

Owens incorrectly stated that a “ceramic urinal” was on display at the Guggenheim Museum – likely referring to Marcel Duchamp Fountainwhich was part of Duchamp Ready A series in which he intentionally chose ordinary manufactured objects to define them as art. While some of Duchamp’s artwork is part of the Guggenheim Collection, Fountain Not among those pieces.

fully functional 18 karat gold toilet bowla piece titled America By Maurizio Cattelan, actually appeared in the Guggenheim from 2016 to 2017. The piece was unfortunately stolen from Blenheim Palace in 2019 and has not been recovered.

Owens cited a line from the article as a reason why “modern art” is so ironic—completely ignoring her source’s intent to explore the strangeness of toilets as art.

The partial sentence Owens cited as in favor of toilets as “art”:

“You’ll be pleasantly surprised how literally a toilet can have a ‘deep’ meaning.”

…it was very different if you could see the whole picture:

“Here are the three most famous toilets in art history. They may make you feel strange, uneasy, shocked, angry, or even disgusted.”

“Perhaps you will despise art or vice versa, you will be pleasantly surprised how a toilet can have such a ‘profound’ meaning.”

“But I promise you that it will not only be strange and strange.”

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