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Everyone loves a good hot shot, so I’m here to introduce a few of them using a format I borrow from the NFL Network’s Fantasy Live show. First, I’ll make my four predictions, and then I’ll share some of the best we got from our Discord server. Next, I want to see some of you all in the comments.

He called me crazy, but Keegan Kolisar will score more goals than Phil Kessel this season

Despite his dismal 7.4% shooting rate, Kolesar still found a way to score seven goals in 77 appearances for the Golden Knights last year. He was constantly around the net and showed on numerous occasions that he had the talent to score tough goals. At some point, doors will open for him and he’ll start scoring at a much more “natural” rate for the NHLers. That could mean somewhere closer to 10%. I’d be frankly surprised if Kolesar doesn’t hit double digits this year and 15 or so isn’t out of the question.

Which brings us to the other side of the coin, kessel. It’s mostly about the situation I expect him to find himself in as the season progresses. I can’t see a 36-year-old suddenly committing to defense, which will lead to a drop in minutes for a team trying to win games. He’ll probably end up fighting to get to 10mins and a night and it wouldn’t shock me at all if he got out of the lineup from time to time after he broke the Ironman record. His passes will still be there, so I suspect he could go up to 30-40 points, which Kolesar might not do, but scoring won’t jump as many think.

He called me crazy, but William Carlson will lead all the attackers in time on the ice

Chandler Stevenson took the crown a year ago primarily because of his health, but it is expected that Jack Eichel and Mark Stone’s return to form will see them score most minutes. I suspect Carlson would win Cassidy’s trust incredibly quickly with an elite review of back and kill. It’s also likely that he’s in powerhouse #1 which will see him share ice with Stone and Eichel as well.

Carlson led the attackers in the first two seasons but did not outperform the group on a per game basis. The expectation is total time on the ice because its durability helps, but I can see it putting a functional top in the average TOI as well.

Call me crazy, but VGK defenders will score less than 30 combined goals

Yes, that’s right, a unit that includes Alex Petrangelo, Shea Theodore, Nick Haig (hopefully), Alec Martinez, Zach Whitecloud and Brayden McNabb would hardly score a goal in every three games. The Cassidy system really emphasizes the importance of allowing attackers to dictate the action in the offensive zone and the style of play in the defensive zone will limit offensive transition opportunities as well.

This isn’t health related either, because I expected a decent set of blue streaks to last through the entire season. Pete DeBoer’s entire goal has been to highlight that group and capitalize on their attacking talent and they did so with as many as 51 goals last season. There will be a dip, I expect it to be very steep.

Call me crazy, but Kaidan Korczak will spot a permanent starter by the end of the season

As I mentioned in the previous prediction, I don’t think the defensive Golden Knights will be as turbulent as it was a year ago, but that doesn’t mean they all play 82 games. Currently, the first person if any of the Regular Beginners loses (or holds up) is Ben Hutton. I expect that to change, perhaps as soon as opening night.

Korczak was built to Bruce Cassidy’s playing style and would eventually want to start the process of seeing him grow as an NHLer. By the end of the season, he will take one of the current six positions which will allow the Golden Knights to make an off-season move to unlock more cover.

We asked members of our Discord community to share some of their bold predictions. Here are some of the more subtle ones.

Brennan L
Call me crazy, but Jacques Eichel will hit 20 by the end of November.

Shamu 2
Call me crazy, but Logan Thompson won’t be the starter or 1B by the end of October.

Night Night Tiger
Call me crazy, but Phil Kessel will win the Con Smith Prize.

Call me crazy, but Bruce Cassidy won’t be the fix Vegas was hoping to play power on.

Call me crazy, but VGK got 100 points and still missed the playoffs.

Call me crazy, but five teams from the Pacific are in the playoffs this season.

Jensen (Nick)
Call me crazy, but the former Misfit will be replaced on deadline and will be the main player to lead them to the cup at 6.

Rice fields
Call me crazy, but Shea Weber is healthy enough to play this year.

Call me crazy but vgk will have 10 players each playing 80 games.

Jack Manning
Call me crazy, but Golden Knights under 24 players will get 50 points per seasons.

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