Brady is an old face in a familiar place as he visits Buck Steelers

PITTSBURGH (The Associated Press) — Tom Brady has, by his own judgement, taken on the Pittsburgh Steelers “a lot.”

Just never quite like this.

And only Brady’s jersey will be different this time when he walks into Acrisure Stadium (formerly Heinz Field) for the first time on Sunday as a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It’s the team on the other side of the line of melee as well.

The version led by Ben Roethlisberger from the Brady Steelers Often played with a lot at stake During his long career in New England, he is long gone, replaced by a physically and mentally damaged group.

Going back four games in a row and falling on the wrong end of the franchise’s worst loss in 33 years – As Pittsburgh was last week in Buffalo – I’ll do it.

“When it’s that bad across the board, it starts with me,” Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said. “We don’t need to seek relief because there is enough blame to go around. We need to be solution-oriented.”

This was tough for Pittsburgh even in the best of times when Brady is on the other side.

Brady is 12-3 in his career against Pittsburgh, and many of the wins come in high pressure conditions with playoff seeds or seasons on the line. This time is not much. The Pirates (3-2) are trying to find rhythm after an uneven opening while the Steelers are simply trying to find a competent football brand.

“(The Steelers) didn’t play the way they could at Buffalo,” Brady said. “I’m sure they’d be ready to go.”

There is no doubt that he will be Brady, even at the age of 45. Even with 321 career starts under his belt. Even with his personal life Make a lot of news Recently as a professional. Brady currently leads the NFL in the World Cup Finals, has thrown seven distances against a single interception and may remain the best decision-maker with the ball in his hands in league history.

“He’s still Mr. Brady,” said Pittsburgh quarterback Miles Jack. “He’s still doing his job. There are a lot of things you can show him because he has seen basically every defense in the NFL since 1990.”

Jack is joking but a little. Brady has been in the league for so long that Steelers’ rising quarterback Kenny Beckett was not even two years old when New England took a flyer on Brady in the sixth round of the 2000 draft.

Beckett will start his second career Sunday, just 320 or so — the equivalent of 20 full seasons — behind Brady.

“It’s an absolute legend,” Beckett said.

Just don’t expect Beckett to be surprised. He showed plenty of fighting over an unforgettable afternoon at Buffalo, going to the end of Bills defense Shake Lawson for what he considered a dubious blow in the final seconds of the blast.

“No one can come in here and give a great speech that would turn this around,” Beckett said. “We have to go to production on Sunday. There’s nothing I’m going to tell you here that will fix it. We have to do it as players and as men.”

Brady had no other way.

“They will challenge us,” he said. “They will be healthy. They will be in the right place, and they will make us win it.”

Handle care?

Pittsburgh’s passing rush has essentially evaporated with star linebacker TJ Watt out indefinitely. The Steelers have had three sacks in their last four games and Watt has been watching from the sideline.

So they’re not particularly concerned about what would constitute a harsh penalty against Brady, who drew a crucial flag from Atlanta player Grady Jarrett. For a fairly harmless blow Late victory in Tampa Bay last Sunday.

“We understand the initiative is about player safety, particularly in the quarterback,” Tomlin said. “If you don’t train (the defensive line) in that spirit, you’re not keeping your end as a coach.”

fortnite effect

While running advocates have trouble making an impact in Pittsburgh, it’s not a problem for Tampa Bay. Brady made a point to incorporate Leonard Fournette and rookie Rashad White into the pass game.

Fortnite targeted the team’s top level 11 times and had a career top 10 reception for 83 yards in last Sunday’s 21-15 win over Atlanta and finished off touchdowns in both lunging and receiving. White, a third-round pick from Nebraska, finished with three grabs for 28 yards.

“When Lenny needs a break, we don’t feel like we’re missing anything when we put Rashad in there,” said coach Todd Bowles. “(White) is ready to play when we put him in there. Tom trusts him. (Offensive line) trusts him. He can catch the ball, he blocks well, he can run the ball. We have no problem putting him.”

spread wealth

With 19 sacks through five games, the Bucs are third in the league behind the 49ers (21) and the Cowboys (20). Eleven different players have at least one player.

“Just getting to the quarterback is a good thing, it doesn’t matter who it is to us,” Bowles said. “A lot of players sacrifice to get other plays. This part of it was as good as playing the football team.”


Fred Goodall, a sports writer for the Associated Press in Tampa, Florida, contributed to this report.


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