Miller dominates, Bagnaia crashes on the last lap

Miller hasn’t had a win since last year’s French Grand Prix, snatched the lead on lap three and walked away to his first win of the season. It was an intimidating race for the three main contenders for the championship, with Fabio Quartararo and Bagnaia both struggling for the level while Alex Espargaro had to … Read more

£18bn plan to harness solar and wind power in the desert which could cut British homeowners bills

Are you ready for a blast of desert sunshine? Whitehall officials discuss a £18bn plan to harness solar and wind power in the African Sahara that could cut British homeowners bills Spectacular plans to install nearly 12 million solar panels and 530 wind turbines The generated power can be transported across the vast desert of … Read more

Hurricanes orbiting Jupiter’s poles still baffle astronomers

Infrared image of Jupiter’s northern hemisphere as seen by Jerram. attributed to him: natural astronomy (2022). DOI: 10.1038 / s41550-022-01774-0 A team of multi-institutional space scientists in the United States, working with a colleague from Italy and one from France, used modeling to partly explain the resilience of hurricanes orbiting around Jupiter’s poles. In their … Read more

Common genetic variant associated with mortality

New research may explain why some people with COVID-19 develop only mild flu-like symptoms, while others develop severe illness that can lead to death. This may be the most baffling problem with COVID: While some infected individuals experience only mild flu-like symptoms, others[{” attribute=””>COVID-19 can spiral into severe disease, disability, and even death. A new … Read more

Back to Landscape: Southern Oregon Alliance Moves Ahead with I-5 Wildlife Crossings

One morning in late March, Charlie Shells, an ecologist with the Bureau of Land Management, walked across a steel railroad bridge that spans Interstate 5 near the summit of Siskiyou, four and a half miles from the Oregon-California border. Pebbles crushed under his feet with the roar of an uninterrupted river of cars and trucks … Read more

Doubts loom for elderly people who lack insurance

By 2033, more than 11 million middle-income seniors aged 75 or older may not be able to afford to live or qualify for Medicaid to pay for their long-term care. These findings, published by NORC researchers at the University of Chicago in August, reinforce the need for Americans planning their future to consider options for … Read more

Zerodha boss sets employee fitness challenge; Announces a monthly bonus of $10

Financial services company Zerodha, which has encouraged its employees to focus on their health during the Covid 2020 pandemic, has now made fitness a norm. In the latest initiative, Zerodha President Nithin Kamath has set a new health challenge for employees to take time for exercise/exercise/sports activities. Zerodha employees will be given an option to … Read more

Can East meet West in medicine? Integration is a slow process

Liberian Joel Carnoen came to China two years ago to study Western medicine, but has now expanded her specialization to include traditional Chinese medicine. Now a graduate student at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Carnohayn is taking courses that integrate Chinese and Western medicine. “My clinical practice shows me that TCM improves blood flow … Read more