AST SpaceMobile announces BlueWalker 3, the largest commercial communications suite ever deployed in low Earth orbit

A historic test mission directly from a cell phone to reach orbit is planned September 10The tenth

Midland, Texas, September 08, 2022– (work wire) –AST SpaceMobile, Inc. (“AST SpaceMobile”) (NASDAQ:ASTS), the company building the first space-based and only broadband cellular network directly accessible by standard cell phones, announced today that it is planning its BlueWalker 3 (BW3) experimental satellite to reach orbit on the 10th. From September the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, a mission that plans to begin testing with mobile network operators on six continents, including North America.

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AST SpaceMobile announced today that its BlueWalker 3 experimental satellite is scheduled to reach orbit on September 10 from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. (Photo: Business Wire)

“The start of the BlueWalker 3 mission is a huge step forward for providing space cellular broadband,” said Abel Avelan, AST SpaceMobile Chairman and CEO. “With agreements and understandings from mobile network operators who collectively provide services to more than 1.8 billion subscribers around the world, BW3’s mission reinforces our mutual commitment to connecting the unconnected.”

The actual date of the BW3’s arrival in orbit remains subject to change and is dependent on several factors, including, but not limited to, timely readiness of the launch vehicle, weather conditions, technical problems, and other unknowns.

At 693 square feet, BlueWalker 3’s staging array will be the largest commercial communications suite ever deployed in low Earth orbit. This large array of antennas are designed to connect directly to existing cell phones from a much longer distance than traditional cell towers. AST SpaceMobile has a portfolio of more than 2,400 patent claims and patents that support cellular broadband technology.

Once BlueWalker 3 is deployed and up and running, testing and configuration will begin in orbit. AST SpaceMobile plans to conduct direct-to-cell BW3 testing on six continents, including North America. Mobile network operators (MNOs) in mission test plans include Vodafone, Rakuten Mobile and Orange, among others. AST SpaceMobile has agreements and understandings with more than 25 mobile network operators, including mutual exclusivity with Vodafone in 24 countries.

Members of the public will be able to watch a live broadcast on September 10The tenth on me AST SpaceMobile YouTube Channel Or watch it in person in several places public viewing sites Throughout the Cape Canaveral area.

Additional details about the BlueWalker 3 mission can be found at this video.

About AST SpaceMobile

AST SpaceMobile Building the first and only global broadband cellular network in space to work directly with standard, unmodified mobile devices based on our extensive portfolio of intellectual property and patents. Our engineers and aerospace scientists are on a mission to eliminate the connectivity gaps faced by today’s five billion mobile subscribers and ultimately bring broadband to the billions who remain unconnected. For more information, follow AST SpaceMobile at YoutubeAnd the TwitterAnd the LinkedInAnd the Facebook. Watch this video For an overview of the SpaceMobile mission.

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The actual launch date of the BW3 test satellite remains subject to change and depends on a number of factors, many of which are beyond our control. These factors include, but are not limited to, final integration, ground transportation, timely readiness of the launch vehicle and other unknowns such as weather conditions or technical problems. A BW3 test launch may not be successful or even if successful, may indicate required modifications or modifications to be made, any of which may result in additional costs, which may be material, and delays in our schedule. If there are material additional costs, we may need to raise additional capital beyond what is currently expected.

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