As Leonard Hamilton is honored with the Joe Lapshek Award, his enduring belief in education takes center stage

Florida men’s basketball coach Leonard Hamilton The 2022 Joe Lapschik Personality Award winner will be honored Friday afternoon at the New York Athletic Club. Hamilton was honored with the award along with Val Ackermann, Speedy Morris and Rick Bird.

“Well, first of all, when I got a call linking me to the Joe Lapchik award, I was honored to be remembered in the same sentence with Joe Lapchik,” Hamilton said earlier this week. “If you know anything about his career, he has always been a man who fights for what he thinks is right, because sometimes he represents the disenfranchised, sometimes the disenfranchised, for women’s rights, to include all people in different fields. He kept stats on a lot of things to justify His attitude towards certain things.. to be attached to him, to know what his legacy means, that is a great honour.

“So if we look back at my career and realize that we did something similar to what Mr. Labschek did, it really is an honor, a privilege, and I’m overwhelmed by the fact that we’re at this point where it came out of nowhere.” “I think of all the coaches I’ve worked with and the players I’ve worked with, who have created the kind of culture that has allowed us to be at this point and accept an award of this kind.”

The Joe Lapchick Character Award Foundation is committed to encouraging and promoting good character in the sport of basketball. Each September, the Foundation recognizes a group of famous basketball personalities, from all levels of men’s and women’s basketball, who have demonstrated honorable character throughout their careers, such as legendary coach Joe Labschek. The foundation has honored some of the most respected names in high school and men’s and women’s basketball including Dean SmithAnd the Bat Summit And Bobby Hurley, Sr., this is the 14th year of the award.

Hamilton, the most successful coach in Fifa basketball history, is the fifth best coach of all-time in the history of the AFC club. He has 395 victories, including 177 against ACC opponents, in his 20 years at FSU and 594 in his 34-year career that included stops at Oklahoma State and Miami before coming to the Seminoles in 2002. In 2020, he led Florida State to its first regular-season championship in the school’s history. FSU fis over 2019-20 season ranked 4The tenth By The Associated Press – Highest definitive rating in school history from Seminoles. In 2019, he led the Seminoles to 29 school victories. He took FSU to the Elite Eight in 2018, for only the third time in the school’s history. In 2012, he led FSU to the first ACC basketball tournament in the school’s history, where they won the conference championship. He’s revived a program that was in bad shape for several years before its arrival, and has now taken it to new heights. He also did this while developing players to the next level and as a young man.

Hamilton has received three National Coach of the Year awards, three Atlantic Coast Conference Coach of the Year awards, and two Big East Coach awards of the year, and has led his teams to nine NCAA games and 20 post-season games. He led FSU to the 2020 ACC Championship and the 2012 ACC Championship. He was an assistant coach at Kentucky State when they won the 1978 National Championship. He is the only person to have won Coach of the Year multiple times in both the ACC and the Big East. Clarence “Big House” Gaines was named National Coach of the Year in 2018 by the National Sports Media Association. Received the Ben Jobe Award as National Minority Coach of the Year 2021.

He’s also done a great job turning his players into men. When they are at FSU, the semester is the main focus as evidenced by the FSU’s APR standing, academic honors, as well as diplomas earned. The graduation rate at Hamilton is better than 95 percent in Florida and Miami. what a total 101 of 106 seniors (953%) who have completed their eligibility under Leonard Hamilton while he was technical director at University of Miami and The state of Florida has earned their degrees, including 73 From 75 the elderly (973 percent) Who completed his eligibility under Hamilton when he was the head coach of Florida State. When Hamilton spoke on completion of the degree, he was very quick to point out that “we only have two” who did not complete the coursework, instead of pointing out 73 of them. It repeats how Important Hamilton believes that using the team basketball experience is for players to achieve as much as possible in the classroom to prepare themselves when basketball is not at the center of their future.

“That’s your job,” said Hamilton, “It’s a sobering matter of getting players to graduate. “That’s part of the responsibility you have as a coach, like how many games you win.”

While the player is with the Seminoles, Hamilton, along with his team, makes sure that they understand the academics is the main reason they are in this environment.

“While they’re playing, they understand how it’s done,” said Hamilton. “You don’t play if your academic isn’t on probation. That’s non-negotiable. Our guys understand that. It’s not something we have to play with. Every now and then we have to put our arm around a guy’s head and get his attention, but the bench is a very good motivator.”

Academics and higher education were an essential part of Hamilton’s life before he was associated with college basketball. Hamilton is the son of two parents who passed seventh and ninth grades respectively, before being put into a situation where they had to work on going to school – a common occurrence in that era. He described his father as “very difficult” and described his mother as “very bright”. For Hamilton, the opportunity in a college education was a change in his life and something he pursued to the fullest. He also played a role in pushing his three brothers and a sister through their journey as students to ensure that he and his family were all able to take a step forward through education.

“I knew the only way I was going to get out of these circumstances was if I had to get my education,” Hamilton said. “My dad always said that I have absolutely no money to go to college, but you have to go and get your degree. You have to know that. And so from the start, I understood that if I was going to be something and go somewhere in life, I had to get On my testimony, that was all I was focusing on.

“But I also took on a responsibility to set an example for my brothers,” Hamilton added.

“I grew up with that understanding and that was my responsibility,” Hamilton later said. “I knew in order to do it, that’s what I had to do.”

After graduating from college, Hamilton adopted a number of his siblings – brothers Willie and Barry, as well as his sister Pam. His brother, Johnny, was unable to adopt him, as he was similar to Leonard at his age. The whole family went to college and took the next step that was not available to their parents.

“I learned that going to college to get my degree changed the culture of my entire family,” Hamilton said. “So when I look at these guys that we’re recruiting, they’re in some similar situations that I’ve been in. I know how important it is to them, to their families, to brothers and sisters, to cousins, to people in the community, to prove that I can do it, I did, so You can do it too. It’s almost necessary. Can’t think you won’t get it. If they come here and play four years with us, they will get it if they play and if they play.

“Because it means a lot,” Hamilton added. “Most of these kids are first-generation college students in their families, like me.”

In Hamilton’s view, his players were in the same conditions as they were more than 50 years ago.

He has produced several productive NBA players. he has 21 NBA Draft at Florida StaTelecom, T3rd place in the ACC since the 2004 NBA Draft. This trend continues As evidenced by some recent talents such as Scotty BarnesAnd the Patrick WilliamsAnd the Terrence Manamong other things.

After the basketball game many of his players, both at the college level and beyond, have achieved high-level success in life. Hamilton often says his favorite rewards for being a coach is a phone call from a former player telling him about the person he became as a father, husband and more.

“The reality is you take the young ones, you take the teens, probably the most vulnerable, but the most important time of their lives, and you try to bring them into adulthood. Now that covers a lot of things,” Hamilton said. “You try to help them improve athletically and academically, but you also work hard to help them improve socially. They are all intertwined. You see a lot of people accomplish from an athletic point of view, but you don’t deal with the social aspect of that.”

“Here, our culture is based on trying to take teens into adulthood,” Hamilton continued. “When you look at your career, we know that we as coaches are judged by the number of games we’ve won, the number of NCAA trips we take, the number of players we’ve put into the pros, but in reality, the percentage of pro players is not really that big when you look at your career. to the total number of players on your team. So you have more players who don’t play in the NBA, don’t play professionally, so you’re really judged by what these other guys do in their lives – good citizens, good neighbors, husbands, fathers, The people who lead their family and community. This is more a reflection of the job we’re trying to accomplish than the part everyone sees on TV or reads about in the paper. I hope that when I whistle, I’ll be able to look back on my career and be equally proud of the men who didn’t play At this higher level they have received all the recognition, as young people with what they do with their lives and their families and how successful they have been in the social aspects of their lives.

“For me personally, I’ve never lost sight of the fact that you take youngsters and hope while they’re with you, that they grow up to be the kind of guys we can all be proud of,” Hamilton stated.

Below is a walkthrough of the other three recipients via News agency:

Ackerman helped found the WNBA and served as its first president. She has also had a successful career as a delegate for the Big East Conference since 2013, leading the conference’s revival after the basketball schools’ decision to split from the original conference.

Morris led La Salle from 1986 to 1987 through 2000-01, collecting 238 wins and four NCAA Championship games. In the 1989-90 season, his team went 30-2 and finished 12th in the AP Poll behind performances by Lionel Simmons and Doug Overton. Morris was the first Division I coach to coach the men’s and women’s basketball programs at the same school.

Bird spent 33 years coaching at Belmont from 1986 to 1987 (when he was still in the NAIA) to 2018-19. He won 713 matches there and 805 matches in total. The Bruins went 27-6 in his final season and made the NCAA Championship. Belmont made eight NCAA appearances during Byrd’s tenure.

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