Aroldis Chapman’s selfish behavior proves the Yankees should have let him go in 2019

When loyal manager Aaron Boone fired Aroldis Chapman from the New York Yankees postseason roster, He signaled the change many fans had hoped would come years ago. Better late than never, because if Chapman was trying to help the 2022 Yanks win the World Championship, it would have been the biggest disaster ever.

On Sunday, the news, which was surprising but expected at once, slipped. Chapman has been awful this year (and dates back to 2020 in a bigger picture), but the Yankees are poor at helping the Bullpen. Injuries and a decline left them limp in the second half of the year.

Another development was the way Chapman was kicked onto the sidewalk. Many thought he would be out because of his performance, but general manager Brian Cashman told the media on Monday that the left-handed had skipped the mandatory practice session on Friday.

Apparently, Chapman tried to tie the terms to a live batting practice session, telling Boone that he would only show up if there was a guarantee if he was going to make the ALDS roster, But the Yankees did not.

As a result, Chapman didn’t show up and Boone/team told him this would be his fate for the remainder of the 2022 season. Enjoy Miami.

The Yankees should have kicked Aroldis Chapman off the list years ago

Does this sound like a team player to you? On what planet is someone with 4.46 ERA, 1.43 WHIP and 4.57 FIP securing a place for their post-season roster while trying to control the narrative with undeserved requirements?

What’s even crazier is that he would have made the post-season roster because on Tuesday we learned that Scott Evros needs Tommy John surgery and will be out until 2024! unbelievable.

It’s hard to believe that Chapman wasn’t always like this either. Going back to his comment on domestic violence, this was the “tone” the Yankees set by giving him exactly what he wanted when he didn’t deserve it, and giving him opportunity after opportunity to rehabilitate his image. He traded him amid allegations of DV and helping him escape from Cincinnati. He gave him a five-year contract worth $86 million after trading with the Cubs and winning the World Championships.

But the worst of all? He extended it until 2022 after failing to post-season 2019 against the Astros instead of allowing him to withdraw from his contract. Yes, the Yankees were afraid to quit despite the weak market for painkillers heading into free agency that year. This guy just gave up the end-of-season race at ALCS and you’re going to let him run the room?

Smile on the hill after giving up on it Run home to Jose Altuff While watching the Astros celebration. He couldn’t handle split duty against the Rays in 2020 and was overtaken by Mike Brosseau, who spent time in the minor leagues this year. He followed that up with his two worst seasons in 2021 and 2022. Don’t think we’ve forgotten 2017, when he lost Game 2 to the ALCS in Houston and only played 1.1 rounds of that entire series.

Once again, the Yankees waited too long to pull the plug. Perhaps he could have saved them from embarrassment a few times over the past three years. While we’re glad it’s over, fans are getting validated once again because Chapman’s behavior in this instance proves that he shouldn’t have been a Yankee for as long as he has been.

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