Are studio comedies turn into box office poison?

Billy Eichner recently caused a minor controversy on Twitter when he blamed straight people for poor box office performance in his new LGBTQ romance. two brothers. Eichner, the film’s star and co-writer, chirpUpright people, especially in certain parts of the country, did not attend two brothers. While it may be true that some homophobic moviegoers avoided this film based on its subject matter, there were many other factors that contributed to two brotherscommercial failure.

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trailers two brothers They were too busy pointing to his historical status as the first studio rom-com about a same-sex couple to show just how funny the movie was. It was released at the end of September, before a spooky season usually dedicated to horror movies like smilingAnd the HillriceAnd the The end of Halloween. Heaven ticketanother romantic comedy released in the same window, supported The star power of George Clooney and Julia Roberts. two brothersOn the other hand, she does not have any famous faces in her team. Eichner is the movie’s biggest star, called C at best. And on top of all that, it’s been a really long time since a huge audience went out to theaters to watch comedy of any kind.

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Less than a decade ago, it was a faded, star-driven comedy like identity of the thief or Let’s be police or wedding ringer It could easily succeed at the box office. But that was before moviegoers even started Find humor in movies like dead listAnd the Motorcycle rentalAnd the Guardians of the GalaxyAnd before the movie industry was devastated by a global pandemic. Almost every major comedy release in 2020 has disappointed at the box office, from star-studded comedies (like a boss) to family comedy (spy) to comedy drama )decline) to me action comedy (King’s man) to science fiction comedies )Bill and Ted face the music) to animated comics (Bob Burgers movie). Comedies about straight couples were bombarded just as hard as those about gay couples.

These days, most comedies have been made live streams, even comedies that looked like a confirmed box office a few years ago. sequel to both Borate And the Eddie Murphy’s modern fairy tale Coming to America, which each achieved box office gold on their first theatrical run, were released exclusively on Prime Video. The problem with straightforward comedies is that the pressure is much less to win over audiences, and thus filmmakers become lazy. Since they don’t need to have seat butts, they don’t bother using the test audience to make sure the movie has laughs and sets the jokes on. As a result, viewers are subjected to terrible efforts like I time And the Graduation Year They only inspire a few tepid chuckles if they get any response from the audience at all.

Mid-budget studio films have been in decline since streaming killed the home media market. Back in the day, studios could make up for their losses from a movie like two brothers When it was released on DVD. But the only people still buying DVDs are vintage movie buffs and die-hard collectors. The pandemic appears to have struck the final nail in the coffin for the mid-budget studio film. Big studios pump out nine-figure budgets Guaranteed earn money like IPs star Wars And the The Fast and the Furiouswhile smaller studios like A24 and Blumhouse can risk seven-figure films like XAnd the Get outAnd the come at night That goes dormant if hit but won’t break the bank if it fails.

Studios wouldn’t throw $20 million into a movie like Very bad Or $35 million in a movie like Remnants anymore, because it’s highly unlikely that they’ll be able to get that money back in the modern cinematic climate. In today’s post-broadcast, post-pandemic film market, there was no need to spend $22 million two brothers. The staff doesn’t have any A-lists other than their short celebrities, the soundtrack doesn’t have any artists with expensive licensing fees, and there are no big groups like The final battle in Ghostbusters or car chase Pineapple Express. if two brothers Produced for $5 million and marketed in exactly the same way, this conversation wouldn’t happen; The film was to return production costs in its opening weekend.

The most successful modern comedies such as Box Mart And the Sorry to bother youProduced on small budgets, enjoyed modest theatrical productions as they made profits without setting the world on fire, they were gradually discovered by a wider audience in the months that followed. Sadly, that might be the best comedy the movie can hope for going forward. The audience may never see Big, bold and star-studded studio comedy like tropical thunder or 21 Jump Street On the big screen again. They’ll have to find their laughs in big-budget superhero movies like Thor: Love and Thunder Hidden budgets are like gems funny pageswith anything in between.

It would be a real tragedy if the comedy genre really died, because comedy requires watching in theaters. They don’t necessarily need to be seen on a big screen, as they are not as visually appealing or as viewer-oriented as action movies, science fiction movies, or racy dramas. But comedy is much more entertaining with the audience. When comedy really worksSuch as Borate or bridesmaids or Beverly Hills Cope – or already, two brothers – So it is more fun to watch them in a crowded house, where they laugh with the rest of the audience, than to watch them alone on TV or laptop.

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