AL MVP Race: Cases for Judge Arun, Shohei Otani; stats, stats, predictions

year 2022 MLB The season has provided us with one of the coolest MVP races ever.

on the west coast, Los Angeles Angels pitcher/defense player Shuhei Ohtani It is a completely unique season mode. He has a 2.43 ERA and 196 strokes in 148 rounds, making him one of the best shooters in the world. He also hit 34 home runs at the plate and was 46% better than the average hitter in the major league by wRC+ (weighted runs plus established). Basically, he was a top five pitcher and top 10 hitter while doing both jobs full time.

on the east coast, New York Yankees defensive player Aaron Judge History continues. As of September 21, he had 60 home runs, on course to break the MLS record of 61. He was easily the best hitter in the world, carried the Yankees all season and leads baseball in Fangraphs WAR (10.4) by a wide margin. (All stats as of Monday, September 19th).

As the season draws to a close, we’ll keep you updated on each player’s performance as we determine their statuses for the AL MVP award.

The crucial case of Shohei Ohtani

The only way we can measure Ohtani against the others is to break it down into two players, and both Otani of the hitter and Otani of the bowler compare favorably with most of their peers. Those versions of him will be in the MVP and Cy Young Awards nominations. There is precedent for players to win a production like him.

2021 NL Cy Young, The Brewers’ Corbin Burns, finished the season with 2.43 ERAs over 167 runs. He was in control enough to hit 12.6 hitters every nine runs. Bowler Ohtani is on track to finish 2022 with 161 runs in 2.43 ERA. He was in control enough to hit 12 hitters in nine runs. This is Cy Young-caliber season.

Shohei Ohtani vs Aaron Judge: AL MVP update as the race heats up

Shohei Ohtani vs Aaron Judge: AL MVP update as the race heats up

Ben Verlander and Alex Curry provide a weekly MLS Player update as Yankees MVP Aaron Judge and Shohei Ohtani continue to submit MVP issues.

2016 NL MVP, Cubs Chris Bryant, 39 home runs and 146 OPS+, scored 46% better than the league average as a hitter after accounting for the league and ball games he played in. Yes, Bryant played on the field, and Otani the hitter is the designated hitter. It’s DH on course to finish 2022 with 38 homers and 148 OPS+. This is a season MVP of a caliber.

For more information on why Otani deserves to win, read Pedro Moura’s entire column.

The final case for Aaron Judge

Judge’s offensive performance this year is light years better than anyone else in baseball. Kyle Schwarber He has 39 home runs, the second most in baseball. He lags behind the judge by 20.

This 20-meter gap between captain and runner-up on the on-field leaderboard is the largest in baseball history for a season that Babe Ruth hasn’t played.

From August 2 to September 3, the Yankees went from 9 to 20, averaging 3.29 points per game. Over that period the Yankees not called Judge have posted averages of .204, .266 on a percentage basis, and .304 lag, which is good for a .570 microscopic OPS team. During the same round of games, the judge threw a .282/.454/.608 streak with 1,063 OPS, which, for each weighted run created, contributed to about a third of his team’s runs. If that wasn’t enough, he’s also started at center position in 11 of those games.

In the same situation, with the same level of massive pressure, Ohtani might have done just fine. But this is a guessing game. The fact of the matter is that the judge was good. He did those things. We saw them. For a month, he kept the world’s most famous baseball team afloat, steering them away from what would have been the worst regular season meltdown in baseball history.

For more information on why Aaron Judge deserves to win, read Jake Mintz’s full column.

Ben Verlander in the Chohei case

FOX Sports MLB Analyst Ben Verlander posts TikTok videos about why Ohtani deserves to win the award.

Could you Follow Verlander here to see more.

Is it time for another award?

Both players have more years than they deserve this award. Pedro Moura advocates a way to honor Ohtani as well as the judge.

“One possible path would be to create some sort of Hitter of the Year tribute. Call it a Platinum Slugger, or call it whatever you like, but have him replace the nine hitters who win Silver Sluggers in the league, as the Platinum Glove does for all nine Gold Gloves in each league annually. Major League Baseball can allow members of the American Baseball Writers Association to determine the winner, as for Cy Young. Or it can be determined by fan vote, as for the Platinum Glove. This may raise additional interest.”

John Smoltz weighs

John Smoltz weighs

John Smoltz reveals who got the AL MVP vote during a discussion with Ben Verlander on ‘Flippin’ Bats’.

chasing judge history

Judge is on his way to breaking the MLS home record of 61 in a single season. You can follow his quest for Roger Maris’ record in our tracker.

Aaron Judge chasing immortality

Aaron Judge chasing immortality

Ben Verlander welcomes Disha Thoussar to talk about Aaron Judges’ pursuit of the Yankees’ record in one season.

The odds of the best player

When it comes to gambling, FOX Bet is Judge is currently listed at -10000 for his Player of the Year award ($10 bet to win a total of $10.10), while Ohtani +1300 (Bet $10 to win a total of $140).

Judge started the season with a much longer AL MVP lead than Ohtani (+2000 vs. +350). That changed on June 5, when Judge hit his 21st home run. At the same time, Otani was putting more modest numbers on the plate and on the hill, the whole time Angels They lost their tenth match in a row.

We have a complete breakdown of the bet here.

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