7 books removed from Dearborn Public Schools after parents complain

Dearborn, Michigan (CBS DetroitComplaints about books available for student access to the Dearborn Public School system lead to the establishment of a district-wide review committee to make recommendations on their suitability.

in Dearborn Public School Board of Education meeting held this week Seven books that have been temporarily removed from circulation and from student access were shared.

In a statement from Dearborn Schools Communication Director David Moston, he stressed that the district had not banned any books.

Books removed from access and under review:

1. Push

2. All the boys are not blue (Sora only, not a physical copy in our group)

3. And they lived (only a Dearborn Public Library book was never part of the school’s collection)

4. Beautiful bones

5. Eleanor and Park

6. Red, white, royal blue

7. This book is like me (sora only, not a physical copy in our collection)

Board member Mary Petlichkov, noted the 1982 Supreme Court decision Island Trees School District vs. Pico The court held that “the First Amendment limits the authority of middle and high school officials to remove books from school libraries because of their content.”

Other members expressed concerns about potential lawsuits stemming from restricted access to content and requested that a city attorney be consulted moving forward.

next one Education Council meeting It is October 10.

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