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Every touch point in your space should give your guests some kind of control over their experience. This is why you should maximize the use of FEC technology as a virtual gaming card for mobile wallets and kiosks.

5 Techniques to Redefine the Consumer Journey for FEC in the FutureImage provided by Embed.

The future is digital – even for traditional businesses in the entertainment and leisure industry. It is smart, automated and high-tech.

Today, we get first-hand experience of the benefits of cutting-edge technology. Light bulbs, refrigerators, security cameras – you name it – almost everything can now be easily controlled from a mobile phone. As this is the case, consumers demand the same level of quality, convenience, and interactions from family entertainment centers.

Every touch point in your space should give your guests some kind of “control” of their experience. You are just there to make sure it’s smooth. This is why you should maximize the use of family entertainment center technology such as virtual game card for mobile wallet and kiosks. These put power and ease in the hands of your customers.

The consumer journey of family entertainment centers has been reshaped time and time again, and these game-changing technologies are the following essentials to deliver an excellent guest experience:

1. E-commerce

One of the many conveniences of mobile-driven interactions from smart consumer devices is the ability to begin the consumer’s journey even before a guest steps in. Pre-access ecommerce platforms can easily lead to conversion if done right.

In the future, FEC should enable customers to pre-order everything, pre-charge, book online, and schedule experiences. This also gives them more time to spend at your place actually doing what they came for – rather than slowing down with waiting times, queuing at the entrance or the cashier and other revenue streams.

2. Face recognition technology

The face is the ultimate identifier and controller of consumer experience. You can start using face recognition technology at the entrance or in the parking lot, providing real-time data on a customer’s time of arrival and departure, purchase patterns, frequently played games, security, and more. The smarter the data you have, the smarter you will make business decisions.

Face recognition also allows you to hyper-personalize the guest experience. When a customer interacts with a device with this technology, he can light a salute with his name, pay the usual and increase the sale according to the customer’s behavior. You can derive specific promotions or offers based on data from these transactions.

3. AI-Driven CRM

To automate tasks that previously required humans, Economic Operations Centers (FECs) can use advanced technology such as artificial intelligence to streamline operations and increase the consumer experience.

Thanks to this, you can push for AI-based decisions from your guests. This gives you a way to interact with your pre-visit customer through mobile apps or game notifications such as bounce offers and recommendations based on historical spending patterns.

4. Machine learning

Like artificial intelligence, this cutting-edge technology is essential for automating tasks and processes using past data to make predictions. It can be used to discover, analyze, design, measure, monitor and evaluate consumer trends and behavior from your business touchpoints.

You may want a multi-touch point flight for your guests, and the integration of wearable media and advanced computer sensors can help you capture data that machine learning can turn into meaningful insights.

5. Immersive Technology

A multi-touch consumer journey must be accompanied by a multi-experience display, and immersive technologies are required to achieve this. This means designing offsite, in-app, and in-app experiences.

Augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, multichannel human-machine interfaces, and sensor technologies can be used in different combinations to create a multi-experience interface. You can create a simple AR overlay in transactions or a fully immersive VR experience in games.

FEC for the Future revolutionizes the consumer journey. These emerging technologies will push you to become one.

Sarah Baz is the Marketing Director of Embed. She is an award-winning marketing expert with a proven track record of driving transformative business results through innovative marketing at Fortune-100 companies and global “Top-10” brands.

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